Adding eye transcripts, Shandong foreign trade still needs further hard work

Original title: Hai Wei Tesque | Adjust the transformation of the transformation, Shandong foreign trade still needs further practice of customs statistics, the total value of Shandong foreign trade import and export is trillion, which has grown by the same period last year, Growth in the same period in 2019.

Among them, export trillion yuan, growth%, increased by the same period in 2019; import billion yuan, growth%, and increased in the same period in 2019.

It is worth noting that three measures of Shandong import and export value, export value, and import value this year have exceeded last year (2020, Shandong import and export totals trillion yuan, export trillion yuan, import billions Yuan); import and export, export and import growth are higher than the national average; the growth rate of three indicators is first in the top six major foreign trade provinces.

This is the bright transcript of Shandong Foreign Trade, which is more enrolled in the top ten months of Shandong, which is more reflected in the effectiveness of the new and old kinetic energy conversion of Shandong. Data show that the top 10 months of electromechanical products and labor-intensive products are rapidly increased, and the machine and electrical products are exported to billion yuan, the growth%, accounting for%, accounting for the total value of the export value, accounting for a percentage point, and pull the export growth percentage point. Among them, mechanical equipment billion yuan, growth%; automobile spare parts billion, growth%; game consoles and their zero attachment billion, growth%.

In the same period, Shandong labor-intensive products were exported to billion yuan, growth%, accounting for% of total exports.

Affected by the epidemic, the current global industry chain accelerates reshaping, and the competition in the international market is increasingly fierce.

However, the exports of a high value-of-value industrial product product of Shandong Electromechanical and electrical and electrical and electrical and electricity are rising against the trend. It shows that the core competitiveness of "Made in Shandong is being enhanced.

At the same time, labor-intensive products are rapidly increased, and Shandong has undertaken more substitute orders from Southeast Asia and other regions, showing the competitiveness in Shandong in the global manufacturing market. However, we should also be soberly recognized that the current Shandong foreign trade has grown well, but still pays attention to the problem of recovery of international markets, high extrusion export growth space, raw material price and deficiencies and electricity, natural gas, etc. The impact of multiple external disadvantages such as cost increase.

According to the survey, the comprehensive energy cost of industries such as glass, ceramics, and tires has risen by 20%. Some companies in Shandong reflect three consecutive export prices for three consecutive times, and some old customers have transferred orders to other countries.

In addition, due to factors such as production capacity, policy adjustment and other factors, the import and export of bulk products such as crude oil and steel will be reduced, and it will form short-term fluctuations on Shandong foreign trade situations.

In general, long-term short-term pressure will be the main tone of Shandong foreign trade in the next period of time. In the face of such a situation, Shandong needs to further practice internal work, further solve the technical problem of "card neck", throughout the manufacturing industry The chain is further mastered in the chain, and Shandong can do this with a complete manufacturing underground. (Sun Yuanze) (Editor: Nie Jun, Liu Yingxi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.