Development and Reform Commission: It is proposed to establish an old motor vehicle parts recycling and re-manufacturing management system

[] August 11th, the National Development and Reform Commission organized the Department of Transportation, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Supervision, the Ministry of Ecotubes, etc. (Hereinafter referred to as "Measures"), disclose opinions to the society.

The "Measures" will be implemented from the date of release and valid for 5 years.

"Measures" emphasized that the "re-manufacturing", referring to national re-manufacturing standards, old auto parts that are no longer used by functional damage or technical elimination, specialized repair or upgrade. The safety standard for re-manufacturing products should not be lower than the national requirements for motor vehicle maintenance accessories. The quality characteristics of the finished product shall not be lower than the prototype new product. The characteristic position must be marked with the re-manufacturing enterprise trademark and "re-manufacturing" logo. Keep it permanently. The "Measures" proposed that companies engaged in re-manufacturing should have technical equipment and production capacity that can meet the recycling capacity of re-manufacturing production, with disassembly, cleaning, manufacturing, assembly, product quality testing, etc., and have test identification Technical means and capabilities of old parts performance indicators.

At the same time, "Measures" also requires corresponding enterprises to have corresponding pollution prevention facilities and capacity to meet environmental protection requirements such as related waste treatment, and can establish and implement product-re-manufacturing related technical quality standards and production specifications, and product quality performance, after-sales Warranty, identification use, etc. Open promise to society.

For the retrogractive logistics system and recycling network of the old block, "Measures" encourage automotive vehicle production enterprises to recycle old motor vehicle parts for re-manufacture through after-sales service system, and encourage specialized old recycling companies from maintenance channels Manufacturing companies provide legacy parts that meet the requirements. The "Measures" also proposes that the re-manufacturing enterprise has established the old recycling standard to ensure that the recycling of the old parts have a re-manufacturing, and the re-manufacturing company will specify the list of old-featured old pieces, re-manufacturing parts list, clear demolition Ultimate and updated part of the purchase requirements and the inspection methods and procedures for dismantling the old pieces. In addition, the "Measures" pointed out that through a re-manufacturing enterprise certified by third-party re-manufacturing, the dismantling of the scrapped vehicle "five major assembly" components can be used, and it is necessary to pass market traders The pathway recycles the "five major assembly" components of the wastewood vehicle; the "five major assembly" components of the acquisition must be used in the re-manufacture of the company, and must not be re-sell. On the other hand, if the re-manufacturing enterprise uses the relevant business of re-manufacturing post-exported exports in the free trade test area, the special supervision area of ??the customs, in accordance with these Measures, in accordance with the provisions of these Measures, it should also meet the business, customs and other departments. Management requirements.

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