Cool night breeze,Misty drizzle。

“The storm tonight is very noisy……Tut tut,Another batch,This is the first few people?”Bai Ze through the temple window,Saw a string of fire rushing into the earth house far away。
“Twenty-six……But there are a lot of people in this batch……How do you look like you,Feel very happy?”Zhao Feng is also observing in secret,It has been three hours since Ye Xiao entered the house,During this period, nearly a hundred people entered,But no one left。
“Don’t always look sad,Everything that happens in the dirt house cannot be interfered by ordinary people like us,Both,We should enjoy the joy of being ordinary people,no matter what the result is,None of our interests,On the contrary, I saw a good show,Isn’t it blood earned??”
Zhao Feng is speechless,Secretly Tucao:The whole thing is controlled by you behind the scenes from beginning to end,You are an ordinary person?
“I am very simple,Make good use of what you have,Don’t force what you can’t have,The big things like saving the world are left to the group of capable people,Responsible for being rescued,To some extent, it is also irresistible destiny!You and I are the same kind of people,Should be able to understand my words……Hehe,Another batch……”Bai Ze couldn’t hide his joy,Seems to myself“Ordinary people”Is very satisfied with。
Zhao Feng thinks for a long time,Suddenly said:“Since you know everything in the world,Then I want to ask you someone,I don’t know if it’s possible?”
“who?”Bai Ze’s eyes are still on the earthen house,Casually asked。
“Qi Xian’er!”
“Qi?Is Qi Tian the Great Sage??”Bai Ze still doesn’t care much。
“probably。”Zhao Feng is actually not sure,After all, he only heard Qi Xian’er say it that night,and“qi”This sound as the last name,It seems only“Qitian”of“Qi”。
Bai Ze was silent,He reduced the joy on his face,There is only the sound of pattering and rain in the whole temple。
About five minutes later,Bai Ze suddenly let out a suspicion。
“what happened?”Zhao Feng asked nervously。
“In the world,There are fifty-three thousand six hundred and eleven people who call Qi Xian’er,But none of these people have intersection with you……Maybe I missed it,The person you are talking about should be a woman, right,What is his age?”
“Is a woman,Look at her,very young,Under thirty……Do not……Maybe even under twenty……but,That doesn’t matter anymore,Thanks for your answer,What I have been unable to figure out is answered。”Zhao Feng smiled。