Wang Shuai laughed,Chen Wenjin said:“I thought he was!Just that、You have seen,The man Xiao Xiao also knew!I go,Can’t see it!Gentle,It turned out to be the crooked master outsider!”

Chen Wenjin understands what Wang Shuai is referring to,The person who opened stock accounts for Wang Shuai and Xiao Xiao,That person must be the boss of Huajian Company,So Wang Shuai was able to confirm immediately,From the first impression,Really can’t see。
“You know the crooked master?”Fleas are unexpected。
“More than just knowing。”Wang Shuai said with a smile:“Then this matter is settled,There will be no trouble in the follow-up,You go ahead and do it。”
The flea promised,But a little doubtful。
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Six Is it bad to eavesdrop?
Chen Wenjin’s thinking about this is quite simple,This time may be complicated。
He wanted to be simple,It’s a pity that a flea is not a simple person,The relationship behind,It’s not easy。
When Tank and Xiao Xiao came back,Brought a group of people here,Everyone is lively,The fleas have been with them。
Wang Shuai is in a great mood,I thought it was troublesome,Finally became a pleasant thing。
What surprised him more is,He felt that he was always threatened by the violence of these people in the market,But did not expect,It turned out that his father ate under his hands,It’s the existence that these people in the market respectfully look up to。
If I knew it,Wang Shuai has already used the name of the crooked master。
Since this group of fleas belonged to Master Crook,Then he can use it,Where is the problem。
although,Wang Shuai can see it,Except for him and Chen Wenjin,Only tanks can enter the eyes of fleas,The other men are in the eyes of the fleas,That’s a useless kid。
But it doesn’t matter,Wang Shuai already knows,Fleas and those playing around,Really different。