Show off what awards you have won,I don’t have to show off,Let me show off my teacher’s head office?

This teacher Hyun’s photographer has helped others who have not won awards、But for this100Ten thousand dollars jealous and scratching their heads and other photographers opened the door:Yes indeed!I haven’t won any international awards,I haven’t been shortlisted in any awards,But my teacher is amazing,My teacher is so good,Can my level be worse?
Hyun your teacher’s voice higher than the other。
Holding back the feeling of wanting to laugh wildly,Chen Geng nodded repeatedly,Speak loudly:“Media friends present,Including photographers and assistants,One counts one,Everyone can participate in this big bet of the century,Bet《Terminator2》Can you get it from1991Year only1994Both the global box office and North American box office in the past four years——Just go back and register your name and unit in the register。”
Chen Geng said this,The reporters suddenly boiled……
Someone shouted:“Mr. Fernandez,I love you!”
More beautiful female reporters shout:“Mr. Fernandez,I want to give you a baby。”
In the noise,Only Cameron frowned slightly,He had already guessed in his heart why Chen Geng did this,But will the effect really be as good as expected??and also……
Mr. Fernandez is really right《Terminator2》So confident?
Once the ventilation session is over,Cameron didn’t even wait to return to the back lounge,As he walked back, he asked Chen Geng impatiently:“Mr. Fernandez,Your bet……You are serious?”
“What do you say?”Chen Geng asked back:“In this situation,Do you think I can still take it seriously?”
Also,It’s all for this,Whether Chen Geng really wants to take it seriously,Must be taken seriously,The media coming today exceeds100Home,In order for so many media reporters to get this100Ten thousand U.S. dollars,After I go back, I can’t even desperately propagate. Today is really a gamble of the century、So that we can use the power of the media to make this a solid matter?
“Then you really……Really……So confident in our new movie?”
“Of course,”Chen Geng gave Cameron a strange look,Seems to be very puzzled why he would ask such a naive question:“James,you need to know,《Terminator2》We polished the script together,Even many sub-shots were drawn together by us,To this movie,I have enough confidence,You told me during the shooting that you were equally confident……how,At this time,On the contrary, you lack confidence?”
“Of course i am《Terminator2》Have confidence,but……”Cameron’s helpless way:“Mr,You are talking about the four consecutive years of North American and global box office champions.……”
Even if i am right《Terminator2》Have confidence,Even confident《Terminator2》Able to win1991North American Box Office Championship of the Year,But I dare not boast《Terminator2》Able to win1991Year to1994The annual North American and global box office champion,This is no longer confident,This is arrogance,Arrogant almost endless。