There is only work in the rest.。

Le Yu:“Hexi,nothing,My sister just came over to see you.。”
Still can’t bear to tell him。
Le Zhenxi is just a smile:“elder sister,This is not as you,If you have anything, you just say it.,I have already released it.。”
Le Yu 妍 神 神,Before the heart is even more:“Hexi,Did you really want to talk??”
Le Zhenxi smiled and nodded,Remember that fresh,slim,Pure girl,His black eyes spilled with a softness,“sister,Falling in love with a person is to make her happiness,Even if you don’t have that person,As long as she can see her happiness,I am happy too.。”
Le Zhenxi voice hoarse,But very calm,visible,During this time, you can’t avoid it.,He really wants to make a lot of things.。
But,This world,Only her,Remember his preferences,He doesn’t even cut apples.,Her face is blaming, the speech,“You are a life idiot。”
This is the first sentence she said to him.。
Le Zhenxi smiles,Body of the heart, the uncomfortable spread,Ok, it is difficult to suppress excitement,But I was easily hooked by my sister.,It seems that he is still not strong enough.。
He feels that he has already come out.,But,I mention this thing,He feels that he is getting deeper.。
“elder sister,You have something to say, let’s talk.。
You also know that blue is the most important person in my life.。”
Whether it is friendship,Love is still affectionate,These for him,Very important,More importantly, they have joined together。
But he believes,There is a love in the world,Do not own,But you can accompany silently,There is another feeling in this world.,Beyond love,Beyond all the feelings,Permanent love than anything。
Le Yu wants to think,Still thinking telling him better:“Hexi,Lu Haocheng pulled the blue blue,so,They are now husband and wife.。”
Le Zhenxi,The whole person is instantaneous pain in a needle。
His black light,Eclipse,He knows that there is such a day between them.,But I didn’t want to be so fast.?
“Xi Xi,Are you OK?”
Le Yu is worried about him。
Le Zhenxi took a deep breath,Low voice:“elder sister,you say,In Fan City,We are all very good.,But why come back to Jiangyou,I lost the blue blue.?
Love with love,I lost her.。”
He thought that he can be strong in the face of all,But now he knows,He dare not face。
Le Yu also sighed,Looking at his painful look,Advise:“Hexi,You don’t have it too sad.,Since there is no,This is also very good。”
Le Zhenxi appeared rare pain,He is not good,He is not good at all。
The girl who changed his life,Burned his desire to work,Strive to life and hope,He wants to make your own achievements with her。
Seven years ago,As an old decadent boy,His all day, in addition to playing games is at the bar orktvIn the middle。
Mom and Dad can’t manage him abroad.,My sister has no way to him.,Sadness all day,And he still doesn’t think,The conditions in the family are excellent,He doesn’t have to do anything in this life.,Can also have money to have a big hand,His days are extremely decadent。
Suddenly there is one day,His life broke into a girl working hard,Design fashion clothing,When a life goal,When he played games,She draws on the night-night drawing,When he went to the bar,She is working hard for work,I don’t know how tired。
She successfully successfully successfully,Infected with a decadent heart。