Ten minutes later,The people who installed the bombs were evacuated。
Wu Yuanjia watched the time count down,The wooden house in front exploded,Blaze,Some soldiers burned all over from inside the wooden house、Screamed and ran out。
Wu Yuanjia has no mercy at all,Order the soldiers who survived the explosion to be killed one by one。
Various gunshots,Chachai soldiers who survived the explosion were ruthlessly killed。
Chen Xiu is observing all this in the dark,Suddenly I saw a small team of more than ten people escaping towards the woods on the left。
Chen Xiu’s sharp eyes,In the dark, I still see a different person in this small team,Holding a golden one in his handAK47,The people around are all guarded in the center,Flee in a hurry。
“This person guessed it!”
“If this guy didn’t run away, he still had such a swagger weapon,Really let him run!”
Chen Xiu said to Wu Yuanjia:“Don’t leave any liveliness,I’ll go after the team!”
“Mr. Chen……”