Taiwan: contains more drunk driving challenges (speak Taiwan)

  "Why do you want to come out, drink alcohol !!!" "" "" "" "The sad family, the complaint of the vertebrae, all the life of the innocent." Since the beginning of this year, a drunk driving accident in Taiwan’s county and cities has triggered the social high concern.

Taiwan’s legal department has recently proposed a draft repair, and it is planned to punish the drunk driving, and the highest sentence of drunk driving is the death penalty.

Taiwan legislature also said that the new session will give priority to the drunk driving law. Many repairs were repeatedly baned in February this year.

The police survey found that Chen surnamed men’s drunk driving before. In March 2018, I was revoked because of drunk driving. In November of the same year, I was not taken away from drunk driving. After crashing, I was arrested by the police. I was sentenced to 3 months in prison.

After being punished twice, it was a third-degree drunk driving, causing two families unable to make up the pain.

  At this moment, "Why is alcohol, but not" is the topic of Taiwan’s hot discussion.

According to statistics, in the past three years, Taiwan has increased year by year, and more than 50,000 drunk driving in 2018, and nearly 1/3 is tired, and it is required to participate in road safety education every year. The number of "learning classes" is about 100,000.

The person in charge of the Taiwan Legal Department said that the case of the stern punishment of the drunk driving "must be used in the direction of the law. The legal department currently stipulated that the serious injury to drunk driving can be sentenced to 5 to 12 years, and the death of death is more than 10 years, life imprisonment, the most weighted death penalty. The draft has been sent to the station administrative agency, and the agency is subject to the submission of the legislative body to consider it. However, Taiwan drunk driving is not only because the current drunk driving is too light? Different from all walks of life. According to the information: Because of the vicious case, Taiwan drunk driving is constantly ending, and it is increasing year by year. Relevant laws were initially supposed to "Regulations on Road Traffic Management Punishment". In 1999, in order to aggravate the scared effect, the drunk driving behavior of "administrative penalties" was originally sentenced, and drunk driving was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of less than 1 year, criminal or 30,000 yuan. New Taiwan coins, the same below) The following penalty.

Thereafter, the legislature has repeatedly repaired, and it improves the punishment of drunk driving.

The 2013 repatriation clear wine driver’s driving driver’s "drinking alcohol of the wine is alcohol of each liter of alcohol" or "the alcohol in the blood is more than 3 years, the death is more than 3 years, and the sentence is less than 10 years."

At the same time, it is necessary to fill more than 3 times in 5 years, it is not allowed to fine.

  Since then, there is a government-friendly representative to continue the proposal, the drunk driving, the lower limit of the drunk driving is increased to 30,000 yuan, and the passengers can sit in the same car to take a penalty of 6,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. After 5 years, the drunk driving is re-examined, the vehicle is re-examined. The special license plate must be hung.

The revision was passed on July 2017 and is still waiting for the final pass in the legislature. Therefore, some people call Taiwan’s drunk driving "is quite strict". Drink a bottle of beer and drive, it may be punished by the police, and it is fined tens of thousands of yuan, more than two bottles of beer may be "public hazard" prison. Even just ate sour chicken, as long as the alcohol test exceeds the standard, it is necessary to be punished. However, there are too many prisons, but the "quite strict" Taiwan drunk punishment, the deterrent effect is not expected.

According to Taiwan media reports, in 2017, the number of people in Taiwan’s drunk driving into the supervision was 10 years ago, causing prisoners to be full. In fact, because the drunk driving is sentenced to 6 months or shorter, if the special situation (such as drunk driving, the actions, the actions, etc.), will be allowed to be fined, and it is not necessary to enter the supervision.

However, the ratio of drunk driving is increasing year by year, and it must be fined according to regulations.

Such prisoners let prison have a headache. According to the administrators in Taiwan’s south south, there is a system of prison, expressing good cumulative scores, fighting for hobs, but drunk driver’s sentence is very short, do not care about hobs, often provocative, bullying weight The criminals, and the heavy criminals dare to argance, and the prisoners were easily complained.

  The Taiwan’s legal department will die than the "intentional murder" repair, and the community has different voices.

Some people think that Taiwan’s problem is that legislation is strict, the sentence is wide, the criminal responsibility of the drunk driving is already, the problem is too light in the court, and the lack of mandatory measures for alcoholic addiction patients have made laws and regulations. Use ", opposing because of the unpredictable immunity; if someone is worried that the subjective deliberations of murder can’t be killed, they can’t eliminate the possibility of failure, and blur legislation will increase the trial of the court.

If there is a lawyer, if you can prove that the defendant has a murder deliberately, it is directly punished according to the "intentional murder", no need to repair.

  Social Organization Taiwan Drunk Drive Prevention Social Care Association stated that it was optimistic about the repair, but the current law stipulates that the drunk driving can be sentenced to ten years. However, there is no case in the past five years, even if it is a case, even if the future repairs can be If you are sentenced to death, there is no judge is willing to sentence death or a problem. The focus of repair should not be more criminal, and without letting the wine, it is not aspirated by the truth, it is not as good as the weight, and it is better to make a drunk driving.

  Taiwan’s relevant departments also realized that drunk driving is a social problem, only relying on "severe punishment" single means cannot completely contain. In addition to cooperating with repair, it is necessary to find a concept that does not drive after drinking the wine, and combines social power to prevent drunk driving. Multi-pronged education, the Taiwan traffic control department launched a road traffic safety study, and the 76 wine drivers will be convened to the funeral home, and the mourning hall in the mission hall is hoped to protect the drunk driving through "shock education".

This is one of the way the Taiwan traffic control department has explored road traffic safety education. In addition to increasing road traffic safety works, increasing life education, field visit, etc., will also refer to drunked drivers to The health welfare department accepts counseling.

  At present, the number of road safety courses in Taiwan driver is 6 hours a day; the tired of drunk driving within one year, the number of hours is 12 hours a week.

The course includes traffic regulations and safe driving, accident prevention and legal responsibility, alcoholic prevention, etc. According to statistics, 2015 to 2018, a total of 300,000 people participated in the course, and the cost of related courses has an average of more than 30 million yuan per year. Future drivers participate in the "learning class" will be self-funded, and the relevant legislation is being revised. People from all walks of life have given suggestions.

Cai Zhizhi, a professor of a police university in Taiwan, believes that the drunk driving should be prevented by "three not principles". That is, through the strict punishment, let the people do not dare to drink; improve the public transportation, drunk driving and other measures, so that drunken people do not have to drink; borrowed by "connecting the law" or drunk driving prize, let the public to supervise, let The driver is not allowed to drive.

  Taiwan’s drunk driving prevention social care association advocates prevention, promotion, care, and do not drive the social atmosphere that does not drive after the shape of plastic wine.

In 2013, the 32-year-old Taiwan University Hospital doctor Zeng Yichen hit by drunk driving, mother Chen Minxiang’s grief in the anti-drunk driving exercise, served as the chairman of the "Taiwan Drunk Driving Social Care Association", and I hope to drive more people to invest alcohol protection .

  Like other public welfare undertakings, the drunk driving social care association pays attention to the influence of the star celebrities to the public, inviting them to have a public welfare to advocate ambassador, and the singer Xin Xiaoqi is one of them. Xin Xiaoqi’s famous song "taste" has been sang for a long time, but few people know that her work partner – "Masant" producer Yang Minghuang Every time, every time I remembered the past, I was hot.

She said that it is embarrassed to prevent alcohol driving public welfare.

I hope that the Taiwan people "cherish life, please don’t drink." For the star celebrities who make a bad demonstration, the drunk driving anti-social care association will not have a public.

There are many Taiwan elections, and political figures often need to run a race. The people who have drunk driving have every party, and some people also lose their officials and returns them. On the website of the Association, the details of the various political power of Taiwan’s political power involved in the driver, and the selection of the selection is clear. Lin Mina, secretary general, secretary general, secretary of the Social Care Association, also suggested that Taiwan should have more stringent management of alcohol, including alcohol marketing advertising and endorsement activities.

She said that Taiwan is the easiest place to buy wine, and there are 24-hour convenience stores and open counters, ready to buy alcohol, many bars and other places to supply alcohol. When the government department has developed anti-drunk driving measures, it should also be special in this regard. (Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.