Seeing the world’s global response to the new journey of climate change

[] Glasgow United Nations Climate Change Conference, the "Framework Convention on Climate Change (hereinafter referred to as" Convention ", the Conference of the Parties in 13 days and" overtime ", on November 13 at night United Kingdom Glasgow closed.

The General Assembly reached a consensus on the core issues such as the implementation rules of the Paris Agreement, and opened the new journey of comprehensive response to climate change in the international community.

However, since developed countries have not given full response to the core concerns of developing countries, this conference is still regrettable, and global response to climate change is still facing many challenges.

  This Assembly was the first Party meeting held after the "Paris Agreement" entered the implementation phase.

Parties jointly strive to bridge their differences, expand consensus, and eventually reach the implementation rules of the "Paris Agreement", including market mechanisms, transparency, national independent contributions, and laid the "Paris Agreement". Good foundation.

The General Assembly also passed multiple documents such as "Declaration on the Glasgow Leaders of Forests and Land".

  In the universal adaptation, funds such as developing countries, the General Assembly also made some progress.

For example, in terms of funds, all parties agree to continue the agenda of long-term funds until 2027.

In terms of adaptation, the General Assembly made the next work arrangement on the global adaptive goals of the majority of developing countries to implement the "Paris Agreement" on the global adaptive goals. Zhao Yingmin, the head of the Chinese delegation, and Zhao Yingmin, deputy director of the Ecological Environment, said that the reporter of Xinhua News Agency has reached the resolution document, especially the implementation of the "Paris Agreement", and focus on the Paris Agreement. It is of great significance to enable the new journey of the "Paris Agreement" in an international community. However, although this conference has made a certain progress in adaptation, fund support, the international community generally believes that these needs to improve the need for climate change ability, there are still many regrets and shortcomings, some developing countries. The core concerns did not respond very well. Many developing countries have expressed disappointment in developed countries during the General Assembly.

Malik Aming Aslam, Minister of Climate Change, Pakistan, said: "Developed countries have made a $ 100 billion commitment annually, and the disappointment of developing countries has continued for more than ten years. These commitments are only empty talks.

"" The future task is still very arduous, China is looking forward to implementing its commitment to implement its own commitment, taking practical action, driving the entire global climate governance process continues. "

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