Chinese Embassy in Malaysia released the Spring Festival security reminder

  Xinhua News Agency, January 25 (Reporter Liu Yu Lin,) The Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, the residential deserve of the Gomay Nabalu, released the announcement, reminding Chinese tourists who travel during the Spring Festival to enhance the awareness of prevention, adopt necessary precautions Ensure personal and property safety.

  In the announcement, the Chinese Zhima said that China’s citizens should choose a good qualified travel agency through regular channels and sign a contract, fully understand the rights and obligations of both parties, ensure the safety of the itinerary, don’t choose the "low group fee" project.

Considering some attractions in Sabah and Na, especially the island mobile phone signals, the announcement suggests that tourists buy personal accident insurance, and notify friends and relatives in front of the past. In recent years, with the increase in the number of tourists in Southeast Asia, there is an accident.

During the Spring Festival last year, a cruise containing 28 Chinese passengers and 3 crew shed in the sea area near Sabah, Malaysia, leading to four Chinese tourists. In this regard, the Chinese House in Progbourne Bulu, reminding Chinese citizens to pay attention to water safety. The announcement said that there is a rainy season in the Sabah and Najing area before and after the Spring Festival. There is a high risk in water sports such as deep dive, snorkeling and other water. It will take a lot of deaths every year. It is recommended to take advantage of the travel and take each other. The sea is playing in the sea. At the same time, the Chinese Zhima has reminded that Chinese tourists should be civilized, obey local laws and regulations, respect national customs, and get along with the local people.

During the horse tour, if you encounter a sudden or emergency, you should call as soon as possible and contact your Consulate.