Ask the Shengsheng Shandong | Photovoltaic Projects and 1. It is difficult to support the energy bureau: strong support as soon as possible

Tonight, "Politics, Shandong" broadcasts, 119, focus on new energy new materials, provincial construction, Provincial Department of Technology, and Provincial Energy Bureau accepted the political affairs. With regard to photovoltaic power generation, "Shandong Province Energy Development 14th Five-Year Plan" proposed, to make full use of Jining, Taian, Heze, Zaozhuang and other cuisine and submerged districts, focusing on building millions of kW-scale photovoltaic + bases in the southwestern depression area of ??Lu, Southwestern.

And encourage the complementary agricultural light, complementary fishing, complementary salt, and ecological governance, etc. This is a good plan, but the company reflects that they are in the process of being in the process of being in the process of being connected in the network. Huabi Shandong New Energy Co., Ltd. Tengzhou Branch plans to develop 400 megawa photovoltaic + agricultural fishing light storage complementary smart energy complex, covering an area of ??10,000 mu, accounting for about 1.6 billion yuan.

Among them, the first phase of the project plan is a capacity of 200 MW and 150 MW, and a network solar photovoltaic power generation project.

Shao Peng, General Manager of Huabei Shandong New Energy Co., Ltd., introduced to reporters: In order to respond to the planning proposed by the Provincial Energy Administration, use a photovoltaic base to collapse in Lu southwestern coal, and we plan two projects in Binhu Binhu. Taken to complement the rural light, complementary fishing, and the energy storage, a complex of agricultural fishing light storage. As of October this year, the project has achieved land, EIA, water insurance, compression mine, etc.

If the project is successfully implemented, the following beautiful scene will appear: Use the coal collapse to spread the photovoltaic, the swamp is developed, and the collapse is not very powerful.

However, November 11th, the reporter came to the project, found that the reed is a temporary, there is no sign of construction.

Shao Manager checked the "2021 Shandong Provincial Planning Plan Project List" released by the Provincial Energy Bureau, and found that there is no Binhu project in the list of photovoltaic power generation projects in 2022-2023. When can I determine when I can determine this project? The reporter made a call for the telephone number of the Zaozhuang City Energy Administration. The staff said: We have already reported to the province, and have not brought it yet. This is not only the things in the city, but also the provincial energy bureau and power supply company for approval.

In the film, Huabi Shandong Xin Energy Co., Ltd. Tengzhou Branch wants to engage in photovoltaic + project in the mining sinking area. For such projects, the Director of the Shandong Provincial Energy Administration is said: should be strong support! The Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have taken photovoltaic development industries. Projects in short films, sites are relatively remote, and there is no power access to power around the surroundings, so there is no listing in the 2021 year. In the real point of view, the new energy development speed is relatively rapid, and the stability and security of the grid are produced. This requires us to plan, and have a planned batch of power generation.

We will send a special person to the company, on-site office, find out what problems in the grid network, lack of conditions, joint research, and handle, so that the company is gruna online, early power generation, early. Lightning Journalist Wang Yanzi Nimshan Shanshan reported.