Beijing Huangdou Central Primary School: Building a project group educating system to let students walk into real life

Ma Jun, Principal, President of Huang Building Central Primary School Education Group. Majun, the principal of the People’s Network, the principal of the President, the president of the central elementary school, introduced that in the forum The lack of interdisciplinary comprehensive capacity, the knowledge and life of life, learning and application show the research and practice of pain-like problems such as two-layer skin, and constructing a set of students-centered, capacity-based project group educational system . The system has established a "six-level three-level" project group, build "project-driver-generating" project group, build "project-driver-generating" implementation model, and establish a full-scale construction of the "full-time full" whole process. Available, standardized sample paradigm is provided. It aims to pass the discipline border and home school community, with the project group as a carrier, use the project driver, let the students enter the real life and society, in the autonomous exploration, in practice, stimulate students’ interest and independent learning Internal drive, cultivate essential quality and key capabilities.

In the "Campus Professional" project, students who have made "earning money" from the perspective of the society, including the parents’ work, including the "earning money", which has produced the resources of the school, forming a property company, trying The "industry" plan, logistics department, finance department, and propaganda department, etc. How does the department’s manager balance the team work? Do you have your own money? Is there any cost accounting? Does the attempt to perform continuous consensus, replicate, and adjustment? These are the "driver issues" that children have continuously proposed in the study.

How to solve the problem, the knowledge in the English classroom has helped the knowledge, the teacher’s communication in the team activity, the key point of the key point, let the children deeply experienced that Mom and Dad "make money" is not easy, each The profession is worthy of respect, and it is understood that all growth comes from the continuous reflection and adjustment, from the changes in thinking.