After I heard that Chen Geng was ready to start the production of the second movie,He can’t wait to come,Trying to persuade Chen Geng,I hope Chen Geng can agree to accept the investment and actors of 20th Century Fox:“Mr. Fernandez,As the top eight film production companies in Hollywood,Twentieth Century Fox is making、director、You don’t have to doubt the energy of distribution,I promise,As long as you can agree……”

“Mr. Reynolds,”Chen Geng interrupted Reynolds’ words without giving face:“Please remember,This next movie is mine。”
Reynolds knew what Chen Geng meant,I can think of what the general manager said to me before I came here,Hesitated,Reynolds is going to play stupid with Chen Geng:“Of course yours,Mr. Fernandez,This movie is yours,No one can deny this……”
“That’s boring,”Chen Geng looked at Renos with a smile:“Mr. Reynolds,Do you think I am the kind of person who needs to invest everywhere??Spend several million or ten to twenty million dollars to make a movie,Do you think this is a matter for me?Still do you think there is《bodyguard》After the success,I won’t find a strong enough distribution partner for my next movie?”
Looking at the face“Think of me as those idiots who need to ask you to invest?!”Chen Geng,Reynolds was suffocated by what he wanted to say。
Yes,Fernandez·Chen is really different from those coquettish bitches。
Before Reynolds came,The management of Twentieth Century Fox thinks very much“simple”:Our Twentieth Century Fox Company is the eight largest film and television production and distribution company in Hollywood,You Fernandez·Chen wants to make money in this Hollywood site,We have to do what we want。
For management’s decision,Reynolds disagrees,He thinks this idea of management is simply stupid,Fernandez·Is Chen comparable to those coquettish bastards outside?
But it can’t stand the management of 20th Century Fox in Hollywood for too long.,I always feel that I am one of the eight largest film and television production and distribution companies in Hollywood,It is entirely possible to force Chen Geng to bow his head and submit by relying on his position and influence in Hollywood——When the company makes a decision,Reynolds as Director of Distribution,There is no room for rejection。
Good now,Chen Geng refused without hesitation,Didn’t save me a bit of face……The difference in status and status between the two,Mr. Fernandez does not seem to need to save himself。
Looking at Renos with his mouth open and not talking,Chen Geng patted him on the shoulder:“Reynolds,For the sake of our previous cooperation very pleasant,I’m not difficult for you,Let’s go back,Go back and tell you those idiots at the company,I will pay for the production cost,As for the release of the film……I think,With《bodyguard》Success,If I ask Universal Pictures、Colombia、MGM companies send out invitations to watch movies,No one will reject me?”
of course not,No one is stupid enough to reject Fernandez·Chen。
With《bodyguard》After the success,Fernandez·Chen is no longer countless“Have some money,Come to Hollywood to make a movie,I always thought my luck was against the sky,Relying on a few movies to make money several times”One of the silly forks,As long as he didn’t mean to replace one of the eight major film and television giants,No one will refuse his invitation……Who would refuse a partner who can make a lot of money??