“Yoona,What’s wrong with you?Everything was fine just now,Why are you suddenly upset??”Xiao Fan frowned and asked。

Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty One Sweet share
“Xiao Fan,I am in your eyes,Is it so useless??”Lin Yoona didn’t want to talk to Xiao Fan,But she also knows,The most taboo between husband and wife is the cold war,has a problem,Should be resolved early,Shouldn’t be held in my heart。
because,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,If there is a problem that cannot be solved early,Sooner or later this little question,Will be a big problem。
Although Yoona Lin doesn’t know how to couple,Before,I haven’t had any boyfriends,But he felt,This way of husband and wife should not be much different from company management, right?。
because,Deal with some business matters of the company,When you find a small problem,Solve it early,Because at this time,Is the best time to solve the problem。
In case you missed the best time,Well, this originally small problem,May become bigger,Solve it,It will become more troublesome。
so,Just now when Lin Yuna,Even though he is so angry with Xiao Fan,But it was still when Xiao Fan asked himself such a question,She gave a direct response。
And the purpose,Just because she doesn’t want it because of her,And the relationship that made her and Xiao Fan finally established,And be affected。
After Xiao Fan heard that Lin Yuner asked him that question,,The whole person was relieved。
Because he is in the relationship between men and women,Not as good as Lin Yoona,and so,He is really afraid that Lin Yoona will ignore him,And chose to fight with himself。
If Lin Yoona really chose the cold war with him,Then Xiao Fan might really encounter a huge problem。
Because he doesn’t deal with such cold war issues,Even though he has lived for hundreds of millions of years。
and so,When he saw that Lin Yoona was very knowledgeable and did not choose to fight him coldly,I really feel very happy from the bottom of my heart。