“boss!Go to bed!Let me warm you up”Women’s Mandarin is good,But listen carefully,Still audible,She should be here。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“My wife will be here in a while,You better go!Got the wrong object”
First0955chapter Basement of small hotel
In the warm room,A sexy woman standing in front of a man,The atmosphere is kind of weird。
“Don’t lie,They are your Xiaomi at best,Let’s change my taste!As the so-called radish and eggplant have their own advantages,That’s why men steal fishy”The woman’s rhetoric is still different。She said,Took off his coat。She who didn’t wear any clothes,Wrapped in a tights,Looks exquisite,It’s really attractive。
Xia Jian admits that he is a womanizer,But he has his own bottom line,When can I color,When can’t color,This is his brilliance。
“move!My wife has a good skill,Be careful to throw you down here”Xia Jian said,So he pulled over which woman’s clothes,Put on her。
The woman shook her head helplessly and said:“Your boss is so stingy,How do you tell us to live?”
“Damn!So many people live upstairs and downstairs,You just find another one!You look so good,Definitely rush to ask”Xia Jian said,So he was going to push this woman out of the door,But I didn’t think it right,So I took the outstretched hand back。
Woman turned around,Sigh and say:“A rich person like you can’t bear it,Let alone drivers who drive big cars,It seems that I missed my sight”Woman talking,Opened the door gently。
Xia Jian’s heart moved,Draw a hundred dollars from his pocket,Chased up,Into a woman’s hand。The woman said to him a little gratefully:“Thank you!You are a good person”
Xia Jian back in bed again,Suddenly feel a little regretful,He really shouldn’t send any woman away,This long night,It might be a good thing to have a quilt。
at this time,Someone knocks on the door again,Xia Jian thought,If you really come back,He really left her behind,People are not romantic, not young,I am in the age of playing,Not playing now,It’s rare to have to wait until you’re seven and eighty to play,That’s really old。He made excuses for himself,Jumped out of bed again。
The door opened,Boss Lin came in。She looks like she has been cleaned up specially。High bun,A light makeup on my face,Little red mouth,Looks sexy and dignified。Under the suede coat,A pink sweater,Two round mountain bags were lifted up by her tall chest。
Is it because the women here are well-developed eating beef and mutton,These things are relatively big?When Xia Jian was thinking about this question,,Boss Lin gave a slight push to Xia Jian and said:“What to watch?it is true,Not fake,Don’t you believe it?”
Xia Jianyi heard what boss Lin asked him to touch her,Can’t help being surprised,He laughed:“Really,How could it be fake,Can be seen at a glance”