Taiyuan publicly recruits entrepreneurial review experts to the society

  Original title: Taiyuan publicly recruits entrepreneurial review experts on November 6th, Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the Taiyuan Municipal Bureau of Human Social Security, which publicly selects economic management, business management, finance, law, high-tech services to the public, entrepreneurial Training, entrepreneurial hatching, entrepreneurial park management and other related professional review experts, the review of entrepreneurial carriers and related entrepreneurial service guidance work, the eligible social staff can be declared before November 25.

  The review experts must be familiar with national and provincial and municipal entrepreneurial employment policies and regulations, high policy theoretical literacy and professional technical level, familiar with corporate management and market operations; obeying arrangements, actively participate in the review and related entrepreneurial services of Taiyuan City Entrepreneurship Activities and work better.

  This collection is mainly an expert in the intermediate and above professional technical titles in higher institutions, research institutions and scientific research and development promotion institutions; Social service agencies in the economic advice and other industries have intermediate-level professional technical titles, and more than 4 years of professionals who have worked independently or managed more than 4 years, and the business conditions of the company have good entrepreneurs or hatching, park managers Financial, industrial and commercial, taxation, financial, market analysis, venture capital, human resource management, etc. have more than 5 years of relevant work experience; obtain the entrepreneurial lecturers, trainers, trainers, and trainers, and above-oriented people. The instructor certificate, and engaged in the relevant work for more than 3 years; the high-level talented talents identified by Shanxi Province. Anyone who meets the regulatory conditions and people from all walks of life, in principle, the age is not more than 65 years old, can be self-recommended.

The reporter must submit the relevant materials (You can log in to http: ////////////////2015 (No. 11). After the collection work, the applicant will be submitted to the material to review, and the applicant is interviewed. According to the principle of "good", the scale, the scale is moderate, and after the publication and approval, the entrepreneurial guidance expert will be selected. Recruitment, and included in the expert group. (Wujia).