Surge with a small food white wave border refugee in the jungle

Report on November 18 (Wen / Lu Jinbo Zhang Zhang) Since August, more and more Middle Eastern refugees have entered the EU through Poland, Lithuania, Lithios, Lithiopia. In this regard, the European Union dispatched a large number of military police to block refugees in the border.

Since November 8, more than 2,000 refugees began to gather in Bai Bo border, waiting for an opportunity. Poland was previously said that the wavefront did not exclude the use of force to prevent refugees from pouring into Poland. The EU held a foreign miniscal meeting on the 15th, agreed to implement new sanctions against white.

Belarus expressed counter-system and reiterated that there would be willing to solve the problem of refugees. The Crisis Crisis in Poland and the Belarusian border is continuing to ferment.

Survival crisis is facing the survival crisis. The mutual pressure is on the border barbed wire. After 9 days, the border of the temperature of Zero Cascade is 9 days, on the 16th, refugees came to the Bruzji port of Belarus and Poland border, trying to break one Sealed mouth. Polish military police officers use strong water mills, stimulating gases, etc., and soon to stimulate the impact of refugees.

In the jungle, the reporter saw two strong men to raise the round wooden trunk and let go, relying on gravity and breaking the branches; several refugees gathered together, boil water with campfire.

The bonfire is also the only way to warm the refugees in the jungle. Kauzan from Iraq is a Middle School Mathematics. He said to the reporter that the old life is too hard, and the family makes him a thousand dollar costs, and he supports him to Germany to avoid refuge and look for a way out. He said that it is now getting colder, and people in the border began to get sick.