Chengdu explores the "one country and one policy" precision international communication new path

  Xinhuanet Beijing October 8th (Xinbei) Chengdu precision implementation of the point-to-point international communication strategy, relying on another explosive video, successful "outline" in the global social media platform.

Recently, its English series short video "There is a kind of life aesthetics called Chengdu" was rated as excellent cases of the 7th China Foreign Communication Theory Seminar.

  Lens language banks.

The Internet era, short video is a high city story and disseminate an important carrier of urban brands.

Chengdu has begun planning of the country of manufacture from 2019, and produces specific videos for important countries or languages.

These well-planned short videos use developed countries as the main spread objects, from the familiar Chengdu cultural symbols familiar with overseas audiences such as panda, gourmeters, and the world’s deep historical and cultural urban appearance of the modern internationalization. "How to make a person stay in Chengdu? "Short video is cut from Korean girls and thinks, tells Chengdu’s livable story, has received tens of millions of pictures. Video also launches Japanese and English dubbing versions at all countries.

  Chengdu also launched a "one-to-life aesthetics called Chengdu" series English short video, "Company dispatched Chengdu Public Work Christ," Japanese Short Video and Chengdu Universiade, which is the global sports world, and the company. " "How to make a person stay in Chengdu? "Recently," Park also has black technology "" International husband and wife construction road food 100 yuan challenge "two short video won the third" third eye to see China "International Short Video Competition, let foreign nets tell Chinese stories Chengdu The chapter has innovated the international communication method. Chengdu’s study in the well-known urbanization research, GAWC "World City Renuisher 2020" is the 59th in the world, is the only Chinese city of Beta +. Chengdu also ranked first in 3 times in the "China’s Best Performance City Index" in the US Mirken Research Institute.

  As overseas social media become an important way to spread international public opinion, Chengdu achieves a new breakthrough.

Currently, "Chengduplus" account is at the youtube platform fan volume and influence ranks first in the country’s largest city, the first year "HelloChengdu" account in the instagram platform fans.

  Huang Chu, the Secretary-General of the New Media Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the researcher Huang Chu said that the international communication matrix of Chengdu is an innovation and trial of the construction of local flagship exports. This indicates that Chengdu is forming a media cluster with international influence, towards multi-main body, stereo The big foreign publication is moving. "There is a kind of life aesthetics called Chengdu" series English short video "company to send Chengdu public-safe payment manual" Japanese short video Chengdu Universiade promotional film. "