It’s just that the water mirror is said.,It is two different artistic conceptions.。

Tried old people known as Mr. Yan,Also give different attitudes。
He smiled,“correct,You should get the remaining three quotas,More two places,It is a reward to you.。”
Water mirror is wrong,What I think of。
“Their tribute is very good.……”Mr. Yan Shen,Repeat one sentence,“should say,very good,Whether jade is still a medicinal medicine,All very,good quality,Especially Juo and Secret Treasure,Each piece is a boutique boutique。”
Merely,He deeply saw a badge in front of the old chest.,“Especially the five-piece secret treasure,This is the strongest tribute to this year,Therefore, after decision through the city mainfather,Extra reward you two places。”
Mr. Yan still has a word。
When the bowl secret treasure is taken out,Stick now。
Wu Pin Societies Defense Secret Treasure!This is absolutely called the treasure of rare.。
Even than some five high-level weapons,High value。
Not exaggerated。
High-grade defense secret treasure is rare。
Important,Appraisal,The internal mailing node is even more avenous.,Vulnerable。
I will hurt the martial arts of the city owner and the Sinner.。
Its precious level,It is rare and no exaggeration。
if not,The city owner will not reward two extremely precious quotas.。
“I see。”
Shui mirror is old and suddenly realized,Another surprise,Qi Qi,“Thank you,Thank you for your predecessors。”
And in the hall of the 万 劫 阙,I have already boiled it.。
Everyone is standing up and can’t help but call。
Five places。
Ten thousand robbers have achieved five places at once.。
This grade is for a long time.,It’s a history of history。
It’s a big opportunity for a thousand ancient times.。
If the operation is good,It is likely to use this opportunity to use this opportunity.,Soar!Just like the Beifou Palace in a hundred years ago,I have entered the ranks of great forces in one fell swoop.。
Some people are happy,Some people are sad。
The high level of the Beidou Palace also saw the five yuan,All want to crack,I am so angry.。
They can’t think of dreams.,Some people have five big masters,Pay a quasi-five grader……I will also lose!What is the means to use??
Mr. Yan’s five pilots in the mouth,What type is,Where is the 万 劫 阙 阙 哪里?

She didn’t wear the uniform’s uniforms that usually worn.,And changed a pink suit,White short sleevetShirt,With the lower border pink pants tennis skirt,Wear a pair of brown long boots at your feet,It seems to be a youthful,Vitality。

“Well-camouflage,Put this on this.。”Meiqin is also very satisfied with your own body.,Usually the relationship between school regulations,She always wears a school uniform,When wearing usual clothes, it is very few,This is changed,Meiqin I also have a little happy feeling.,only,She said“Put on this”But there is no relationship with this package.。
That is a green chip mask。
“This is impeccable.。”Top mask,Normalin nodded,But I don’t know because of this mask.,At this time, her image turned by a beautiful girl in a look like a frog.,It’s a ridiculous。
“This mask”Push the mask to your head,What did Miqin suddenly thinks?,Faceless red red,There is an inexplicable appetite in your mind.。
“This guy”Meiqin’s mouth,“Do you want to call him?”Just thinking,Meiqin thought it was in the hospital before,Reaction of the Qing Palace,Let her instantly canceled this idea。
“He has hostile to the woman?”Meiqin is smiling, frowning,“So to say,He is also related to this matter.?”
Think of the news that I have just heard,Meiqin’s face slowly downs up,The amber scorpion flashed a long-lost colored color。
“Anyway, I will stop this matter again.!”
Hang in one place“Advanced Education Bureau”Before the brand of research institute,Meiqin stopped。
At this time, her face has already brought the chilly mask bought by the Qing Palace.,Standing in front of the door with a password lock,It seems that there is no meaning,Just stood quietly here。
“No camera”Meiqin eyes slightly,Then you will gently put it on the electron lock at the door.,Suddenly, the electronic lock is bright.,This makes the native piano slightly。
“I don’t have a power of electricity.。”Meiqin pushed the mask to the top,Slightly depressed,“So, don’t you use this mask?。”
Since there is no lock in the door of the Institute,Meiqin, the push pusher, pushing, go in.,Although she is clear,Since this happens,So the possibility of guessing prior is greatly improved.。
really,The entire study has already been empty.,Even the research equipment inside has already been evacuated,Leave only one pile of old table and chairs,It is covered with a thick layer of dust.。
“A trip。”Standing in an open experimental site in the research institute,Meiqin can’t help but sigh,Although this may have been guessed,But when this is true,,Her inner is still slightly small disappointment。
Walking around for four weeks,The color of the metano’s eyes reveals the color of a thought。
Will not be wrong,right here。Meiqin quietly thinks,Watching a pre-discarded test bench,When the Chunsheng students of Mountain, the students were being taken experiment.,right here。
Just at your own feet。
Returning since then‘Fantasy’After the event,Meiqin’s experience in Mountain Spring student experienced a closer look at the end again.,certainly,This level of information is definitely not a student’s permissions can be found.,But it is difficult to don’t fall.,Under her ability,Every hidden information is like her eyes。therefore,Although the appearance of the Qing Palace,Meiqin did not read the memory of Mountain Spring,However, she still found this place smoothly.。
Plus the news you get yourself,Mountain Spring is already released,It happens to catch up with chaotic open events,Meiqin decided to come here。
Whether it is for chaos,For those children,Still for your own conscience。
“Such anxious to destroy this”Meiqin’s eyes flashed a trace of anger,“It seems that the information is really。”
The character of Meiqin is so,In her eyes,Black is black,White is white,No matter other people’s statement,She will always believe in my justice and kindness.,Everything is in mind。
In her opinion,Mushan spring students this matter,Already exceeded her bottom line,It is her unable tolerance.。therefore,Although this is nothing even if it is,But she still has no reluctant.。
The greater the ability,The greater the responsibility。Despite the words, this sentence is not a motto,But on this girl named Yu Meiqin,This sentence has been the best explanation。
“Who!”Just as Meiqin looks at the four weeks,Want to find a clue,Sudden,A shining in the head,Let Meiqin drank,Look up and look up。
“Yes, nothing left。”
A while“clatter,clatter”Footsteps,A faint female voice is never distant,“All right,I will go back now.。”
“when!”Haven’t waited for the woman to put down the phone,A loud noise suddenly came from behind,The woman also doesn’t seem to feel more surprises.,Just sigh,Slowly turn over,Tea girl looking behind the body。
“Is you?。”Look at the people,The woman seems to be loose.,No godless eyes flashing a brightest color。
“Mountain spring。”American piano face is complicated on the brown hair woman in front of,Whispering。
(This chapter is over)
NS135chapter Light and darkness
Looking at this brown long woman in front of,The norm’s eyes are not full of full complications。
How to evaluate her??
Crazy scientist?Still a good teacher?
“Why are you here??”Meiqin is pressing breathing,Staring at the woman,“Is this also your ghost??”

And I will send a scared roar from time to time.,Air gun,Continuous shock。

Wantong’s forehead has been sweating,Have a full force。
The rest is also the face,Atmosphere, you can’t breathe.。
“I come。”
Summer low drink,Replace him immediately,Rolling element perfusion crystal plate,At the same time,Glance。
About 1,000 meters,Summer heart,Rapid change direction,Control the left side of the left side。
However, this time,An unexpected accident that makes everyone can’t think of。
Great monster originally rushing,In the air, stop the body。
But under the inertia,The huge body still brushed out of ten meters before。
This huge monster is like a natural enemy.,Turn around and run。
“call out”
I saw that it is like a rival-like turbulence.,Break the air,Attack chasing huge monsters。
Next moment。
The body shape of the huge monster is stiff。
Its skull center,A small hole with a thumb。
Backbrain,At the same time, it also shot a bleeding flower.。
Follow,There is only a middle finger from a handle.、Half finger,The nearly transparent flying knife is from inside.。
Do not。
That is not a flying knife。
But a creature similar to the flying knife,There are red eyeballs like fish eyes on both ends.,The end is gently swayed,Follow the body of the huge monster slowly fall into the ground。
Subsequent flying knife creatures and drilled in the bloody cave.,It seems to enjoy food。
Everyone faces each other,All see the shock and horror in each other。
Everyone feels scalp,A cool gas is straight。
The creatures here are too surprised.。
So powerful first monster,It was killed by a biological bio similar to the shape of the flying knife.?
“Go away,leave here。”
“Never mind,Especially some small creatures,Never underestimate。”
Everyone is pine up,It is also all surprised a cold sweat.。
Next,Hsuto continues to travel。
But this way,It is forty days.。
period,Everyone encounters a variety of strange strange dangers and harmless creatures,Overall,Also there is a thrilling。
But everyone’s heart is tired again。
Yunyang and other people control the hipples and have not been interested.,But every moment is in a state of mental tightness.。
Three days later,Summer according to the induction in the blur,Hanging the hilloba in front of a huge ice hole。
This ice hole is not a cave,But a big hole on the flat ground。
The cave wall is not a soil layer,Also ice crystals。
Can only see the first hundred-meter light,After that, it is a black paint.,I don’t know where to lead。

Others have not been to the car,The car door has been opened,A woman jumped out of the car,Which woman watched Xia Jian for a while,Shouted happily:“President Xia!is it you?“

It’s Fang Fang’s voice,Why is she here?Xia Jian couldn’t think too much,Walked over,Hehe smiled and said:“it’s me,You guys are here too?“
at this time,Dragon Ball and Manager Tong also jumped out of the car,There is a policeman behind them。Xia Jian helplessly shook his head and said:“He Er he ran away“
“He can’t run,Right in the car“The policeman said with a laugh。
Manager Tong glanced at Xia Jian who was a little puzzled,He hurriedly smiled and said:“After you left last night,I immediately called Mr. Zhao,I didn’t expect him to say hello to him in advance,So something like this,Let me figure it out,Then I can only call the police“
At this time the sky is already bright,Xia Jian glanced at everyone,said laughingly:“You are driving,How come?Not as fast as I can run with two feet,I went to Chenyang Village for a round trip“
“Oh!We got here at 11 o’clock last night,This is the road from Chenyang Village to the city,If he wants to go to the city,You have to go through here,So we can only stay here。If you wait till dawn,He hasn’t come out yet,We can only find him in their village“Na Jingcha smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,Followed everyone in the car,There is the last row,Where is Chen Er sitting with his head down,There was a policeman sitting beside him。
Xia Jian nodded and greeted which policeman,said laughingly:“This guy is very cunning,You must pay attention,Don’t let him run away“
“will not“What police said,Raised Chen Er’s hand,It turns out that one of his hands has been handcuffed to the chair。Xia Jian was relieved now。
on the car,Xia Jian explained to everyone what happened last night in front of the police。After listening to the police in the car,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Thanks to Mr. Xia this time,It’s really not easy for us to catch him。Actually he committed a lot of things,But the people of Chenyang Village, Taihu Village,Escaped by this guy several times“
“President Xia,You are not doing this right!Not as an example“Fang Fang said with an unhappy expression。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“Ok,Accept criticism,no more chance“
A hard night,Finally paid off,Migrant worker wages taken by He Er,Manager Tong counted a lot of points。Finally, complete the relevant procedures at the police station,Manager Tong is carrying the money,Under the escort of a police car at the police station,Back to Nanyuan Tourism Development Zone with Xia Jian and others。

“Treatment now for such a long time,Everything is still in an unclear state,Don’t give up,Wang Yuran has anticipated it even if it is so critical moment.,She is suffering from hardship,Work hard to win the disease,Don’t give up your family, there is still hope.。”Zhou Niwu is also rushing to persuade。

In fact, Zhou Ye is very good.,The family wants to take a patient home,Generally, no more than three reasons:The first,It is the issue of the customs mentioned by my brother.,I am afraid that the patient will find the soul.。
the second,I don’t want to watch the patient’s high-intensity treatment of the hospital.。
The third is a secular material problem.,In ordinary households, we must consider the problem of money,What is moreICUThe bed fee is a small fee for a day is one or two thousand courses, more medical facilities, even more!
This is really not able to afford the ordinary family.,Even if Wang Yuran has medical insurance, there is still a thousand days after the national reimbursement is still better.,Long-term stay is still a small overhead,Which ordinary family is reversed。
Although Wang Yuran is still undertaking,I am afraid that I am afraid that the rescue is unsuccessful.,Money spent someone did not keep,Falling personal finishing,The treatment of this lymphoma is also like gambling.。
“doctor,You tell me the truth,Do my daughter still hope??”Wang Yuran mother calm down,No longer spurt,Cry and ask Yes Ye。
Zhou Ye is sorrowful:“Aunt,This is really hard to talk about,I have been more in Wang Yuran.,I am also in the department.,Her situation changes I have been paying attention to。The most critical heart stopped and rescued me.。But in the critical moment, Wang Yuran is very coming.,It should be better next to it.。”
After that,Zhou Ye plays a mother of Wang Yuran,He is very clear in his heart.,At this time, no matter how, you can’t answer the question of Wang Yuran mother.,Because this has no absolute answer。
Everything is an unknown,He can only take the thoughts of the family to the benefits as much as possible.。
Today, everything is over,Zhou Ye returned to the dormitory。
This time has been very late.。
Take a bath to wash this day, one night fatigue,He is also a person,Also need a rest。
Recalling the rich experience in these days,He opened the notebook to record the practical experience learned from the textbook.。
When it is just a hospital,His thoughts have boldly,He is growing at the speed visible to the naked eye.,I believe that a famous doctor who has suffered a rescue in his dream has been further following,But he also understands a truth,Doctor work hard to give patients the biggest treatment,Strive for patient rehabilitation,I am worthy of my heart.,But this fee is not necessarily to get the understanding of the family.。
Successful,Thank you。
Failed,They caught you。
I can’t take a private feelings to save people.,Even if the family is no longer,Against,You still have to take advantage of your efforts to rescue patients.,Reflections on the previous retrospective will only make things
“You don’t have to worry too much.,Your lover is now young,Reaches a relatively strong resistance,Just now I will come back from the ghost door.,Next, everything will be fine.,believe him,There will be a transfer。”Zhou Ye took the shoulder of the king of Wang Yanran husband is also comfortable.。
unconsciously,Time,Disting from Wang YuranICUThe ward has been two days.,But Wang Yuran still has no signs of waking up.。
this day,Wang Yuran’s parents and brothers arrived.,Hear my daughter lying in the intensive care room unpaid personnel,I have to go in and see if I have noisy.。
Rejection,It’s crying again outside the ward.。
The mother of the mother got a jade of Wang Yuran:“How did you do your husband?,My daughter got such a serious illness, why don’t you know?,Do you have a little responsibility?,At the beginning, how did my daughter got a look at you, I still have a waste, you still have my daughter?!Also my daughter!”
Wang Yuran’s mother began to spurt outside of the ward,Constant mussels。
But this is a husband,Middle-aged man actually endured,Silver is not moving with this unknown angry。
Zhou Niwu is also standing on the side.,Go to front:“Aunt,Here is the hospital you will affect the rest of other patients.,Furthermore, this is not an impact on your daughter.”
As a result, Wang Yuran’s mother is directly back.:“You are taught me?You this quack,My daughter is good.,Affirmation is because you become this,I want to report you!”
Wang Yuran’s mother interrupted Zhou Niwu’s words.,Refers to his nose。
Zhou Ye did not expect that he could not be a violent,No way, immediately put the hand after retreating。
Zhou Ye has never seen such a very unreasonable family,It is a grievance in my heart.,I am working hard to see her daughter.,No day no night,Overtime rescue,In exchange, the family is a very unreasonable contraction and 谩 谩??
Originally Wang Yuran, her husband stood on the side without talking,But I saw that Zhou Jiwu is already taught by my own mother-in-law.。
He suddenly became anger.:“You have finished,Doctors who believe that you know that you will help rescue from the dormitory in the middle of the night.?If there is no him,Oh, I might I haven’t lived.。”
The scene is quietly quiet.。
Wang Yuran, father still allergic,Hurry up and kick out the spontant wife。
“According to our home,I have died in this place.,Want to go home,If you don’t have a passport, you can’t find the way home.。After the death, the soul can’t go home.,And the soul of this hospital became a lonely soul,What can I do?。”Wang Yuran’s brother looked at the sister in the room,Self-guided。

Really him!

During this time,The emotions of Qinling are complex。
Not suffering from summer,Deliberately。
In fact, she is very clear about what kind of person is summer.。
For her,Like Qianjin,Even when you go to work,Even Liu Qingqing does not take care。
This is a very tired guy。
Now now,There is no imbalance in her heart.。
Opposite,Within a certain period of time,Her mood is quite excited and excited。
Liu Qingqing once talked to her several times。
Although there is no clear,It is the meaning of another layer of repeating.。
Don’t mind the relationship between summer and Qinling。
But with the introduction,The hot heart of Qinling,Gradually recover calm。
She won’t go to Liu Qingqing?,Not playing more。
Every time I see the summer injuries,Her heart is inexplicably。
Several times,Whether she is,Or Liu Qingqing,Summary。 Several times,Under the accumulation of another time,Here, Qinling has a little hate yourself。
She loves summer。
But she really doesn’t want to become a cumbersome。
I don’t want to have a common topic with the summer.。
Because she can feel。
Even if summer often give her text message。
Even if you often see the summer in the morning.。
There is a faintness between each other, saying that it is unclear.。
This gives Qinling out of fear。
I hate myself more.。
This time came to Beijing,In addition to visiting Qin Lao,The right thing is,I want to calmly ask my heart.。
This……Is it really what you want??
Thoughtful,Summer has come to the past,Concern,“Old Qin,You are fine.。”

That night,Oktavi also takes masks,But the summer did not pay attention to whether she had tattoo。

to this end,Summer does not kill Augustas,But treat him as a bait,But so many days,Her sister has never been exposed。
Contact with Bai Shanhe,Will it be her?
Summer meditation。Besides,There is also a Death Reno in the dark,This is also a poisonous snake,Have to prevent。
NS901chapter The only choice
Qinghai City,There is a county-level city,Kunming City。
Although the city is not big,It is very prosperous,I have been rated as a national Baqiang County for many years.,The top of the comprehensive strength of small and medium-sized cities。
The key is the location of this county-level city,Can be described as four-way。
It is the native Qinghai,West Lian Suhang,Nancheng Jinling,Beitong Taicang。
This also caused the prosperity of Kunming City.。
The nearest Qinghai, Kunming City,Both of forty nine kilometers,Drive only half an hour,It is better than the time from Qinghai City to the suburbs.。
At this moment,A 3-star hotel in Kunming City。
The right hand of the Bai Mountain River is holding the phone tightly,Due to force,So some of the design of the five fingers。
His face is a young white,Full of wrinkled forehead,Green gluten skyrocket,That pair is full of bloodshot fierce eyes,Two emotions alternate from time to time。
Another surprise!
He thought that his plan was perfect.,It must be able to kill the small wild species in the summer。
But when he called to urge the hand,It was actually dusk。
After waking up,I have already arrived here.。 Let the Bai Shanhe accidentally,Dizziness is actually the woman encountered at noon.。
Woman tells him,Liu Qingqing has already been robbed。
At first time,He doesn’t believe it,But after an hour,But I learned about the news that let him die.。
All died。
The four major swordsman in the mountains,Shen Yingwuchen,Lotus party is dead。
Kilked by the cloudy youth called Exxter,And the other party is in the hands,Name name, ask your drops。
Think this,Bai Shanhe does not help but be a heart palpitations,I have been soaked in cold sweat。
If you are not worried about yourself,So now I am afraid it is a corpse.。
“Mr. Bai,I believe me now??”
A cold voice came。
Bai Mountain River God is more complicated,Look up。
Sitting on his face with a woman in a black tight dress,Woman tall,Be a mood,But my face is with a butterfly mask.,Can’t see。
“you……Who are you??”
He is dizzy by a woman in front of him.。
“I am not important.,The important thing is that I saved you.。”
The woman’s sound quality is beautiful,It is very cold,A pair of scorpions through the mask,It is even like a knife sharply,People don’t dare to look at it for a long time。
Bai Mountain River Reclaimed,“Many people die,But not killed by the summer,It is a cloudy youth called Ext.。”

So the eyes of both parties。

The small circle raises the paws to wave,Still,Old gray is also heading towards them。The god is roaring,A divert,It seems that I will fly over them.。
Xiao Zheng girl’s bench falls on the ground,She has standing up,Looking for a translucent illusion。
The gods hit it on the ground of the hometown world,I broke a giant tree,Splash, a pile of soil。
God of gods,Shake the shaking head。
The separation of the soil society is ignored him.,The speed of the vain floats is still accelerating。
Xiao Zheng girl eyes are moist and reflective,But until she also quietly,Nothing,No sound,Just raise your hands and waving towards the gods.,Then bow down,Two hands are holding together at the chest,Silently pray。
Unreal horizon gradually gone over the roof,Zhou Zhi from the bottom to the head,The whole person is already in the light shadow,Looking at the unreal skyline is getting farther。
This accelerated trend has not stopped。
Soon they can’t see the skyline,Envious,The surrounding and sky are the vain of the hometown,They are also in the Chinese world.,Enveloped by the vain。I can’t tell anything according to the image of the vain.,I only know that this is the bottom of the homeland.。
This process lasted for half an hour.。
Until the gentle world and the earth’s out of the earth, the location of their site,They saw the other side of the homeland world。
This is another earth’s vain,But it is much more faster than the previous one.,The illusory lights they have disappeared at all.,And no illusory light,They saw clear nights and clear flanges,The rhubarm is lazy in the feet of Zheng Yue, hue yawning,The world and earth are out of the world to quickly spread to the distance,I saw a huge planet with a huge planet in the night empty flight to open the distance.。
Zhou saw many monsters in the face of the hometown world,They are also the same as they,Carry out head,Net over the earth。
Maybe in their eyes is a vain。
slowly,This illusory planet stopped,Hover above the night sky,Have a very far,Very clear,The picture is a moment of magic to the extreme,Also beautiful to the ultimate。
Have huge horrible energy is brewing,The spiritual fluctuations that are exudated or even the air is affected.,Let Zhouzhi a battle。
Unrealty hometown world suddenly disappears。
Night is quiet。
Chapter VIII Where is the temple?
Zhouzhi mobile phone shake up,He quickly touched it,Lighting screen。
One news from red dyeing。
Dyeing:What do you do??
See this message,Zhouzhi is a stone to count——Naturally, you must not be branched.,But if red dye is decided to go,He will not have brain,Just he thinks that the red dyeing sister should know if it is left.,If,Should be sent to send one,If this doesn’t leave anything,He must be sad for a long time。
Depth:You have not gone
Dyeing:Decided to stay

槐 看 看 双 双:“You go down!”

I wish the double expression numbness will hand to the turnover,He is now a little doubts that the sect is to play pigs to eat tiger.。A god of Kung Fu,He glanced in the appearance of the badminton.,Pick your brother to provoke your own brother——
I wish the double。
Another new problem appeared——
He always feels that his brother is playing with.,Infocation, will show the strength of the far-bearing cognition……It can be clear that he and his technology are almost the same.?
He is full of question marks,Exhausted。
Badminton rossed in the air is like a white line,Falling on the ground。
I went up.,Dry badminton with paws,Take it out of one meter。
Then she chased again。
In this process, she also aims to the eyes.,Be wary of Zhou Zhi and grab。
槐 随 随,A finger in turn:“You a……I am weak.,too weak,Can you come up with a little strength??”
There is no sound,Only bending over and grabs the ball,And secretly decided not to take this evening tonight.。
Let him go。
Don’t give him a drink,Let him buy itself。 At about 5:30 pm。
I wish the double and Zhu Bing took a group.,Zhou Zhi is from the osalial.。See the four no one,He helps a few steps,Easily skip the diagonal of the pond,Enter into the school。
The stalk appeared in his side.,Still is a laughter:“You are still afraid that the fool is now?”
I haven’t cared again.,Ten around you。
The pond is next to the willow forest,The leaves of the willow tree have been in the winter. Seven or 88.,I haven’t pumped new buds yet.。On the summer playground is the only place for everyone to sunshade,Now。
Zhouzhi remembers that Nan Ge likes to pick the leaves of the willow,Or and boys are higher than those who jumped up.,At the end of the third year, he also chatted with Nan Ge under this tree.。
The teaching building and dormitory of the distance is silent,Quiet, he is not used to,Basketball court and canteen also have no one person。
Familiar and strange。
His this should have no feelings with high school and nostalgia,Because this place really doesn’t carry his youthful happy。
His high school three years should be black and white。
But there is a rainbow like。
Zhouzhi is gorgeous,Suddenly a shout next to it,Surprising him from memories——
“Fool,Come out!”
槐 hands,I shouted a few times,Then turn around to the circumference:“he came。”
A height of three meters、The top of the head of the head is slowly out of the grove.,He is put behind his hand.,There are still some doubts at first.,When I saw them, I immediately excited.。

I heard Ding Junhao’s words,Cui Zuo weakly returned to the chair。

With a roar,The fist enveloping Thunder directly hit Zhao Yu’s chest,Zhao Yu had already fainted by the huge pain,The whole person is not human!
Slowly stand up,Then the anger in my heart subsided,The referee above said slowly:“Bailian Academy Ye Fuming wins!”
All those who watched this game looked at Fuming with fear,This battle is simply torture,No suspense!
Fu Ming lifted Zhao Zhao up by the collar,Zhao Yu, with purple eyes, opened his eyes slightly,The last consciousness saw Fuming,At this moment, he only thinks Fuming is a cold-blooded demon!
“I said,You have to pay for your actions!”
Fuming kicked him out of the ring,Zhao Yu fell heavily on the barrier,Slipped slowly to the ground,Students from Fengle Academy step forward,The elder stepped forward to check the injury,Very dark complexion。
Zhao Yu’s genes are all over cracked,Already close to fragmentation,In other words,Zhao Yu can’t go any further in this life!
Fu Ming watched Zhao Yu under the ring, the slightest change,He could not imagine if Lingxi would fall into a coma,When you can’t say confession,How will Lingxi be treated?。
Fuming’s lust in Zhao Yu’s eyes,See it really!
Cui Zuo hit the table with a punch,He already knows about Zhao Zhao,Watch Lu Hengzhi,The energy in the body is actually flowing。