Xiao Fan felt that sometimes they should be able to taste more sweetness,Only then will they feel that what they are doing is really their own choice。

Not because other things make them feel they should be here,Xiao Fan feels that in many cases, he has to go hand in hand with the people under him。
Can’t always look high,Although his aura makes others respect him very much,Also very afraid of him。
But in fact, Xiao Fan feels that the real cooperation is to be born and die with all the brothers,Go fight together,Only in this way can you truly reflect that you are a responsible person,Can be trusted by others。
Only you give others trust,Make others feel that this person is trustworthy,Can follow him,Others will follow you to help you do things。
Otherwise, it will always be just the surface content,Xiao Fan can now easily see what others are thinking。
And Xiao Fan also feels that sometimes there is actually no need to see a person so thoroughly,Everyone has their own inner thoughts,As long as what they really show is acceptable。
It won’t hurt anyone,Xiao Fan thinks that is enough。
After Shen Lin and Su Ran returned to the room,Shen Lin took Su Ran’s hand and said:“Ran Ran,I feel sorry for you too,If it wasn’t for me to be unworthy, injured or unconscious for so long,You might not be punished。”
Su Ran hit the back of his hand and said with a smile:“Why are you talking stupid again,Both of us share joys and sorrows,I was by your side,My only wish is that you can wake up。
Now you wake up and can stay by my side,Don’t talk about this small punishment,I can accept the big punishment,I can accept it as long as you can do well。
Besides, this matter is really my responsibility,If Brother Fan doesn’t punish me,What do the brothers below think。
If one day they think back to this matter and think it’s my responsibility,But I was not punished,They will be unbalanced in their hearts。
How will you manage this base?,So what Brother Fan does has his truth,The two of us just have to accept it。”
Shen Lin nodded and said:“Yes,I know Brother Fan is really doing it for our good,So I didn’t say much,I just feel sorry for you,Been taking care of me for so many days,Now I will be punished for a while。”
Su Ran said:“These are small things for me,As long as you can do well,What I do is so sweet, you know??”Shen Lin nodded。
Xiao Fan called the manager of a branch company abroad,Because during this time, Xiao Fan was working on a public welfare project。