Shuangyang District blows "big docking, big investment, big training" winter battle charge

The cooperation of the mouth is deepened.

According to the sixth party congress of Shuangyang District on "implementation of great open strategy, China cooperation to expand a circle", Qu Chunyu has a comprehensive cooperation with Xihu District to exchange, improve the tightness and synergies of cross-regional cooperation, and in the field Investigate the living room in Xiaowen Tea Town, "Wanjol Tea Township", Shangcheng Village and "Exclusive Tongwu", and has a wide and deep deep and deep and enthusiasm for the relevant partnership of the West Lake District Participation. Sincerely talk about communication. At the joint work exchange symposium, two places in strengthening the communication between party and government, town street, department, village, enterprise, etc. Advantageous complement, resource mutual promotion, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win, etc. The two places will continue to advance forward on the basis of good cooperation, so that the two places will cooperate more specific, more ground, and more effective, and strive to promote the industry’s industry industry to achieve higher quality development.

The investigation took the pioneering perspective.

According to the sixth party congress in Shuangyang District on "Carrying out the leading industry to attack the strength, doing excellent national tourism", Qu Chunyu, a row, "strive to create a national tourism demonstration area, building Changchun’s most distinctive cultural tourism new sector" goal, Going to Yucun and Rujia Village, Zhejiang Province, surrounded by the whole domain tourism.

In the study, Qu Chunyu pointed out that Yu Village explored the combination of autonomous rule of law and rule of rule of law, the typical experience of production and life and life, and the "company Village Family Farm", the "Company Village Family Farm" in Lujia Village, new model, , The effect is real, providing a lot of inspiration for the future development of Shuangyang, it is worth learning from learning.

Next, Shuangyang District will rely on the superior natural environment and profound historical heritage, and unswervingly do this big article in the whole country, specifically "three persistence": adhere to the full space layout, pay attention Online combination, high standard preparation of national tourism development planning, focusing on northern casual intensive tourism line, southern ecological sightseeing tourism line, western characteristic experience tourism line, Eastern farming research tourism line, cultivating ocean hall, Lu Yumu Valley Ecology Botanical Garden, etc. Detonation point.

Adhere to the extension of the whole field, enrich the "five-color" tourism product system, carefully organize the linkage of winter and summer, driving the spring and autumn, driving the whole year, launch the "Shuangyang Gifts" series of rural tourism products.

Adhere to the full-matter supply, improve the reception center, boutique accommodation, smart tourism service, etc., give full play to the tourism association, the scenic area alliance service function, let the tourists experience the upgrade.

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