Shanglin County held "Happiness Meets to build a dream" single worker friendship

On October 29th, Shanglin County, Nanning, Shanglin County Committee held a large-scale public welfare activity of "Happiness and Xiushu Shang Lin" single employee in Shanglin County in 2021.

126 on-the-job single employees from the county straight organs, enterprises and institutions and at Shanglin County were going to the romantic.

The activity is composed of various types of games, talent performances and photo, such as "Ashui’s Story", "Southeast Northwest", "When the Empty Solitaire" is composed.

The atmosphere of the scene is warm, and the fun is increasing, and the young men and women are bravely showcase themselves. The distance between each other is slowly released, and it has laid the foundation for further exchange.The friendship dating event built a platform for single men and women, showing self and ginseng, and gotting a friend, and provides a chance to meet each other.

(Su Cheng, Li Yimei) (Editor: Liu Jia, Huang Yumi) Sharing let more people see.