and,The monster is getting bigger and bigger,The Denon who first bought the monster looked at someone else’s monster a head taller than himself,Can they be willing?

and so,Leo bought a monster, I’m afraid it will last a long time。
It is estimated to be possible in two or three years!
As for more than two or three years……
Many people will see Leo’s profit,I’m afraid I will tame the monster in other ways,Then sell。
Leo’s monster business cannot withstand shocks,There are too many monsters in this world,Leo is not a monster,In the previous life, it is equivalent to a little piglet。
So once it is impacted by others,There is no profit in this industry。
Leo won’t compete with this group of people for the little profit,Too many monsters are worthless,May be the same as a normal slave,Sold for millions or even hundreds of thousands。
“But this year or two must be fine!”
Want to provide a stable monster,Simple taming is useless,It’s to make sure that it won’t violent when the Tianlongren’s stomach is riding.。
This is the hardest thing。
Next,Leo is standing at the door,Help Trangot deal with the ensuing Draco。
For a time,A group of dragon people appeared in the shampoo place。
It makes the shampoo land like a joke,There are too many people in Tianlong,It brings countless troubles。
But Leo used the power of slaying several Draco dogs in succession,At last it shocked these Tianlong people。
These dozens of Tianlong people are all lawless things,Leo says there are no monsters?
They don’t care,Anyway。
Leo can only be forced to shoot。