“Don’t hide,Old man, I got a military order,Do not clean up these alien monsters in three days,I’ll get out!”Old man Dong lit a cigarette for the first time,Practitioners taboo these hobbies,He’d ignored it long ago,It can be seen that what we have been forced to do。

“What habits of monsters?How is the combat effectiveness?”
“Similar to those things that ran out of Xinglong Mountain,Belong to the primitive and uncivilized state,Bloodthirsty,And big,Rough skin and thick flesh,Special resistance,Ordinary special forces team members gathered in a group,Full firepower,Killed one at the cost of two casualties。”Lan Ling took the call,And handed the phone to Li Tianzhi,Above is a photo of a dead monster。
The monster dies beside a low brick house,Body length exceeds a car,The cortex is very wrinkled,Very little hair,Very strong and strong limbs,Small head,Inverted triangle shape,The torso is less than a quarter of the entire length,Kind of like a mountain ghost,This strange shape is indeed similar to the monsters that appeared in the early days of Xinglong Mountain.,It can be judged initially from the same world。
Li Tianzhen slowly breathed a sigh of relief,Alien creatures in this primitive state,After all, there is no superpower,Not enough to cause major problems,As long as thunder means,Clean up in time,Still controllable。
Those who are afraid of are monsters with superpowers,From Li Xiucheng’s memory,He has seen huge monsters resembling flying birds at the scene of Xinglong Mountain,Not only very smart,And will emit lightning,The combat power is equivalent to the practitioners in the late stage of alchemy,For this kind of thing,Conventional methods have been difficult to work,This is something to be wary of。
The key is that I don’t know what kind of space the third space fissure is.,Don’t be as rascal as the rift in Xinglong Mountain,Can only go in but not out,Is the rogue among the rogue,And the fracture structure is still changing,This is very annoying。
“Type?……”The practitioners really don’t have this information,Except those scientists,No one seems to pay attention,Everyone is busy blocking these invading creatures,Where can I take care of it?If there may be a certain formation in the space rift,He doesn’t even know,Among the thirteen practitioners,Except that the guy who is obsessed with puppets has a lot of research on the formation method,The rest belongs to Old Man Dong,But old Dong wants to get an overview,No time to study this?
Li Tianzhen doesn’t force it,Array runes are quite elusive to ordinary people、Mysticism and Metaphysics,Even the existing practitioners are difficult to understand and master,Let him focus on,Each has a division of labor。
“How is Xinglong Mountain??”
“Okay,Suddenly eased in these two days,Not many monsters ran out,Not strong,But the types are very diverse。”
“But i think,These aliens are not idle,There must be a more terrifying shock brewing,Not fun afterwards,We are extremely lack of high-end combat power。”Old man Dong look at the instructor,Then he turned his attention to Li Tianzhi。
The instructor did not say anything,Li Tianzhi frowned,Although he doesn’t speak up,But also feel bad,I regret that I came out of Yuanjie in a hurry,It’s cheaper Dayan,Since I keep saying that they are allies,Naturally have to work hard,As a metaworld powerhouse,Only one,Is enough to guard several space rifts,There are many means,But if Dayan appears,Too shocking,This question is very contradictory。
and,Li Tianzhen previously guessed that this small meeting would target him,The key can be seen from the instructor’s face and not saying a word,Old man Dong is really helpless,Need resources,To support,Still unable to meet the stretched combat power,I can only use his idea,The most important thing is the war puppet,The old man keeps thinking about it。
But Li Tianzhen doesn’t plan to meet the old man’s requirements,Because the puppets can’t exert their best combat power in their hands,Gu Changfeng is the one who has been in contact with puppets the longest,But at the peak, only 50% of the puppet’s combat power can be stimulated,It’s a waste。
In addition,The number of war puppets is currently only 53,Has dropped to launch‘Jade’The minimum of formation,As the last life-saving card,Li Tianzhi will not destroy the Great Wall,How many supernatural powers like the Great Shura God are still hidden in this world,Hard to say。
And especially annoying,Even the great gods and demons have not been completely killed.,This has always been Li Tianzhen’s heart disease,Recently, I have been troubled by the space rift and there is no way to spare my energy to track down the injured‘Nirvana handkerchief’,and also‘Demon Lord’Soul,Even Zhang Zhiqiang hid after being demonized,Are sometimes fried from time to timeda

All of the above issues require Li Tianzhen to maintain peak combat power at all times,And there is no way to explain it too clearly,But he won’t let Old Man Dong be too disappointed,With the recovery of the unicorn beast,Both Jia Chou and Three-eyed Green Toad can be deployed as high-end combat power to the old man,In addition,He will try his best to repair the paralyzed puppet in the fierce battle,Even think of a way to discuss with the spirits in the town magic tower,Choose a few usable monsters as a supplement to high-end combat power。