The first "Smart Fire Fighting" monitoring center runs online in Wu Xuan

Wu Xuan County Wisdom Fire Data Monitoring Platform.

Lei Fengke photo "Since installed this’ wisdom fire, my heart is much more.

The switch short circuit in the warehouse last month, I first received alert information, and the hidden dangers were quickly excluded, and I avoided the loss. "The autumn of Heaven, Mr. Chen recalls this experience, still has a lingering. Since December last year, the Wu Xuan County government has put more than 800,000, and the first" smart fire "monitoring platform is built in the guest market, using big data, Mobile Internet technology, implement fire facilities, electrical equipment, "Terminal", through remote monitoring systems and mobile APP platforms, real-time monitoring of operating conditions of users, further improving unit itself fire management capabilities.

In Wu Xuan County Smart Fire Monitoring Center, Zhang Jianqiao, fire rescue brigade, the current monitor monitoring, the merchant electricity exception, the smart fire monitoring center will send (SMS) to the head of the household, the household can control the switch through mobile terminal Timely cut off the power to prevent the disaster situation. The investment of Wu Xuan’s "Wisdom Fire" is a minimalistic study of party history education in Wu Xuan County, and realizes the transformation of the transformation in "I do practical things for the masses". In August of this year, Wu Xuan County Smart Fire Monitoring Center successfully launched, all the county fire protection key units access the smart fire platform, and more than 200 houses along the city are also completed the wisdom fire construction.

Since smart firefighting, the successful warning and disposal of electrical equipment failure fire hidden dangers, avoiding economic losses of 5 million yuan, realizing fire warning and monitoring function, the overall fire protection situation of the jurisdiction is continuous. Liao Guijian, secretary of the party committee of Wu Xuan County Fire Rescue Brigade, the next brigade will continue to promote local increasing investment, realize the "smart fire" coverage to township rural areas, solve short boards that are difficult to reach due to remote location, fire extinguishing power, maximum reduction The risk of fire is effective in improving the level of fire supervision and supervision in rural areas.

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