The film and television drama encounters "Profile Review" "Water Army" control evaluation disturbance market

  absurd! The film and television drama encounters "Profile Review" "Water Army" control reviews to disturb the market. Many people are used to going to watch the film and television drama to go to the network platform to make points and reviews, which is also convenient for users who haven’t viewed netizens.

However, everyone has heard that the film and television drama has not yet been broadcast, is there a lot of score in the Internet? A few days ago, there were two film and television dramas that appeared in the "super review".

  The film and television drama encountered the first evaluation of the "Water Army" control evaluation hidden rules "Water Army" on the behavior of film and television drama, not only has adverse effects on netizens, film industry development, and score platforms, but also possibly Suspected violations.

  On December 1st, a costume drama was on the Internet platform.

For some reason, the official online time of the drama is more than an hour later than the original "official Xuan" time.

However, in a short-term score area of ??a well-known score platform, a large number of scores are concentrated in the original online time.

"Profile Review" incident quickly fermented, by many media concerned, although most of the "super review" content has been deleted, but through the screenshot in the media report, these short comments show a star and five-star two-pole differentiation status. In a noble, in a suspense web drama first broadcast on December 5, after the first two episodes of the female starring did not appear, the online social platform has emerged on time, and the argument and one star commented on their acting and line comment on time.

The "Profile Review" in the two film and television dramas is questioned by netizens and media.

  Professor of the Drama Film Academy of China Communication University, Dai Qing, a batch of articles in a batch of tone in a short period of time, in a short time, densely arranged, including the step, and there are different posts On the cooperation of the content side, you can feel that he is a choice and each other.

  Industry insiders pointed out that when you evaluate film and television works, it is inevitable that it will be affected by "fan filters" because you like or don’t like an actor, giving a higher or lower score to the work.

However, the so-called network "Water Army" has broken the basic rules of "first look at the work". The film and television drama produced people Mi Wei: We often see this phenomenon, in fact, there is a lot of traffic actors to participate in film and television works. After the "Water Army", after receiving the mission, he did not have seen this drama, there will be an exact same review in the comment area, copy the same content. During the survey, the reporter entered a "water army" sent a single group with fans and found that in this chat group, frequent people have issued information about recruiting part-time brushing accumulation. Industry insiders pointed out that there is often a price of 1 yuan or even a few corners to attract a large number of "Water Army" to check. Professor of the Drama Film Academy of China Communication University, Dai Qing, Dai Qing: It is the rhythm of the public’s aesthetic acceptance. Then he will do not understand the actual situation, this viewer will definitely have a misleading. After the film and television drama, the phenomenon of such brushing points, it is possible to adversely affect the word-of-mouth or watching data of this drama, and the production company may also be economic will also be affected. It is conducive to subsequent normal creative work. Experts also pointed out that the behavior of the "Water Army" control assessment will also destroy the objectivity and credibility of the score platform, and even affect normal literary reviews. Professor of the Drama Film Academy of China Communication University, Dai Qing: Sometimes the network "Water Army" control review has formed a large noise, and the literary review in normal state is no way to definite.

We said that the so-called control review is to control certain sounds, then it interferes with normal literary reviews, normal average vocal.

The healthy development of the film and television industry, the aesthetic acceptance of film and television art is also a big destruction.

  The film and television drama "Controlled evaluation" or suspected of illegal this year, some netizens commented on the official website of the State Market Supervision Administration: "Is the TV series legal assessment?" Just Ask for Competition Law, adequate evidence materials can be submitted to report to the county level market supervision and management department, or directly dial 12315 or log in to the 12315 Internet platform to carry out the complaint report. Zhu Wei, Associate Professor, Communication Center, China University of Political Science and Law: First, it affects the rights of operators, and another is the legitimate right of consumers. So, for the control review, the consumer’s legal rights are in the right The angle and the angle of the right to free evaluation. Therefore, from these two perspectives are the range of "anti-unfair competition law".

  The Net Letter Office has also issued a number of "Internet user public account information service management regulations" "Internet user public account information service management regulations", "Internet Fair Commissioner" Regulations, etc. Comment also has a more refined regulation.

  Researcher, Associate Professor, Communication Center, China University of Political Science and Law: Zhu Wei: the main responsibility of the platform, actually gives it very specific.

For example, I know that others are engaged in this "Water Army", then you must have a necessary measures to filter out the "Water Army". In the process of control review, these "Water Army" They are engaged in some illegal business things, and the surface look at him is a normal dissemination order, the market is operating order, he may involve a criminal law special charge, called Illegal business crimes may also have criminal laws to regulate. Multi-partial integration rectification control reviews also literate the Qing dynasty environment experts pointed out that for the control review of film and television dramas, it is necessary to have a multi-party joint efforts to deal with a clear environment. In February of this year, the National Netcom Office has launched a special action of the "Qinglan Spring Festival Network Environment", one of which is the focus of rectifying brush control evaluation behavior, highlighting the attitude of resolutely governing such bad network behavior.

  Experts pointed out that in addition to the special rectification actions of the relevant departments, the platform should also increase the response. Researcher, Associate Professor, Associate Professor: Platform Governance, I think the subject’s responsibility is still to be implemented, then how do the platform is "the water army" evaluation, which is the freedom of the people, which is insulting nature The evaluation of words with defamation is that the platform can be used to reach the resolution by means of the technique.

Many small, many "Water Army" numbers, there is a credit joint discipline, he has a violation, the permissions of the speech should be reduced, and even more stringent, such as the title. At the same time, experts recommend that the transparency of the film and television institution marketing promotion behavior should be improved, and the netizens should be guided forward. Professor of the Drama Film Academy of China Communication University, Dai Qing, a director of the Chinese Literary Reviewer Association: To clarify this range, there are some of us saying that it is a film and television agency, or the middle school commissioned by the film and television agency, who is doing marketing promotion, this Marketing promotion We said that it is just right or not.

I think the second one, we need to improve the influence of mainstream culture, create a healthy cultural environment, I think it is necessary to actively lead the benign development of fan culture, including improving the aesthetic reproduction of young people, increase leading strength and impact.

  (Total reporter Xu Pan Pan Zhou Yu Dong Yan Yan Liuhao).