Badminton Summary: Guoyu "Airborne" super expected Japanese encounter "Waterloo"

  On August 1, Chen Yifei was in the game.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Wei took this badminton event, the Chinese team won the first gold 4 silver bit project medals list. Compared to the 2nd gold 1 copper of the Olympic Games five years ago, the national feathers of many young players were picked up in the total number of major prices and medals. However, compared to the 2012 London Olympics 5 gold 2 silver history best record, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics 3 gold 2 silver 3 copper local combat results, Guoyu will continue to work hard. Zhang Jun, Chairman of China Badminton Association, said that the low-key generation of Gui Yu did not represent no confidence. "I believe that the players will re-recognize their own." He said that the task of this competition is basically completed. In addition to harvest, there is a slight regret to lose 3 games in five finals, "If you can get more gold medals".

  The Yizhen has a breakthrough, and there is also a cold door Danish An Sanlong has become the second European who is in the Olympic badminton men’s singles project after Larsen, the Olympics of the Olympic Badminton.

Boli / Laha, for the first time, I won the Olympic women’s double gold medal for Indonesia. Li Yang / Wang Qi Lin also won the first Olympic billing gold medal for the Chinese Taipei team.

Already 34-year-old Guatemalake Kevin Kodon, the World Badminton Stadium, which is ruled by Asia and Europe, is incredible, and the first time I occupy a male singles. Before the game, from the strength of paper, the main opponents of Guoyu will be the Japanese team. However, the performance of the host is very bad. The male single-top seed of the highly hope is eliminated in the group. After the Japanese player seems to lose the soul, only the mixed doubles in 5 single items are all over the top four, and the copper card is taken.