“What is called‘The most miserable mayor among the big cities in America’,At all‘The most miserable mayor of all mayors in the United States’Just right。”

A group of idle and bored reporters,Started to make fun of the past mayors of Detroit。
A rant,《Detroit News》’S reporter glanced casually,Suddenly it was discovered that Alex, the candidate for mayor of Detroit who initiated this charity dinner·Goodrich accompanied by members of the campaign team,Walking quickly towards the hotel entrance,Subconsciously whispered:“Hey,guys,You see,It seems alex·Mr. Goodrich came out of the hall,Could it be that someone is here??”
“No way,What big people will be?”
The reporters who were reminded looked up in disbelief,But I was surprised to find that my colleagues were right,Alex, the mayor candidate who initiated this charity donation dinner·Goodrich, accompanied by assistants and campaign team members, is walking quickly to the door,Respond quickly and quickly picked up the camera,At the same time, he quickly turned his head and looked towards the direction of the hotel entrance,An extended Cadillac limousine is slowly coming up。
Could it be……
What big man really came?
The reporters who squatted suddenly became excited,The flash has begun to point at Alex·Goodrich and the long black Cadillac slowly approaching took pictures,When seeing alex·Goodrich really went for this Cadillac,The reporters are completely excited,While pressing the shutter at the fastest speed,I can’t help but become extremely curious about the identity of this distinguished guest:This is worthy of Alex·Who is the distinguished guest that Mr. Goodrich came out to meet in person??
But when the doorman helped open the door,Saw the man walking off the car,The reporters were stunned,Even forgot to press the camera’s shutter:How is an Asian?
Yes,Is an Asian,A very young and young Asian。The reason for using“Very young very young”To describe this young Asian man,Because he is really young,Although he is tall and strong,But his face is really too young,Don’t know if there is20?
Just when the reporters doubted whether their judgment was wrong、Alex·It’s not necessarily this Asian time that Goodrich greeted,Alex walked out of the hotel lobby, accompanied by assistants and campaign team members·Goodrich,Step forward and hold the young Asian man’s hand,Passionate way:“Fernandez,welcome,Your arrival makes tonight’s banquet splendid。”
“you are too polite,”See reporters around,Chen Geng can’t say much,Just to alex·Goodrich nodded:“Let me introduce to you,This is my female companion:Miss Elizabeth,Miss Elizabeth will be responsible for my company’s business in Canada from now on。”
Alex·Goodrich understood immediately,This Miss Elizabeth is also a general under Fernandez,Immediately reached out to Elizabeth:“Beautiful lady,You are so radiant tonight。”
The two met,Chen Geng told Alex·Goodrich introduces Rosemary:“Alex,Miss Rosemary, you met,Now I solemnly re-introduce you,Miss Rosemary is now the general manager of my company。”
Not only alex·Goodrich,The whole team members behind him moved collectively!
Last time I was invited to the executive meeting of United Community Bank,Alex·Goodrich is flattered,Naturally remembered Rosemary·Kasowitz, deputy general manager of the united community,But it’s only a few days,Chen Geng actually bought the total assets of his family20Billion-dollar deputy general manager、Such an absolutely right senior management dug his own company?
Alex·Goodrich looked at Chen Geng impolitely,Face slightly changed:What magic did you use,I was able to invite such a real elite?
Before, he thought that Chen Geng was just a second-hand car and automobile aftermarket.,I don’t think how Chen Geng is,I just feel that I need his money now,Can be joined by an executive from a medium-sized bank,Jean Alex·Goodrich immediately began to weigh Chen Geng’s weight and status in his heart。