Xia Jian never thought,The bald eagle boasting of his special leather,When I see Lu Wanting, I’m so soft,He couldn’t help but be happy,Watch Lu Wanting clean up this guy。

Bald eagle with smiley face,How did Zhao Longlong’s earthmoving truck hit Wang Gui to death?,How did you lose money?,Tell Lu Wanting from start to finish,How they planned this,I also said it all in an old-fashioned way。
“Humph!You’re a fucking joke,I went to Zhao Longlong!how?You do not dare,But i tell you,I dare to Lu Wanting!As long as it involves Mr. Xia,I, Lu Wanting, will never sit back and watch,Do you understand it?“Lu Wanting said,Grabbed the vulture by the neckline,Lift him up。
Vulture seeing it,Tongue knotted and said:“Miss Lu!We really don’t know you and Xia are always friends,This time you let us go!Not as an example“
“Not as an example!Do you want the money then?“Lu Wanting asked。
The vulture said with a smile:“Dare not ask,I’ll take people back immediately,Never come to Venture Group again,I can guarantee this“
“Ok!Go immediately,Don’t let me see you when I get down“Lu Wanting let go。The vulture turned hurriedly,Opened the office door and ran away。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but laughed and said:“Dragon Ball,Quickly make tea for Miss Lu“
“Hey!Don’t come to you,Suddenly treat me so good,Surely thievery“Lu Wanting laughed,Sat back on the sofa。Xia Jian always listened to her bragging,I didn’t expect she was really capable。
Dragon Ball glanced at his watch and said:“President Xia!Mr. Wang went out just now,It’s lunch time“Just finished Dragon Ball,Xi Zhen walked out。
“President Xia!What to eat for lunch,I will arrange,Mr. Wang has something to do and can’t come back“Xi Zhen said,Glancing at Lu Wanting who was sitting on the sofa。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Just book a seat across the road!Let’s go eat together“
“no need,I have to go,But you have to owe me this meal,I’ll talk to you next time when I have time“Lu Wanting finished,Really swaggered away。Makes Xia Jian confused,This woman is really moody,Her mind is really hard to guess。
Dragon Ball is very smart,He knew that Xia Jian was going out for dinner just now to invite Lu Wanting,Since she’s gone,It’s not necessary to go out to eat。So she smiled and said:“Let me order some of us!Send them here,Eating out is also very troublesome“
Xia Jian did not speak,It is also the default。Soon,Four dishes and one soup here,This soup is obviously for Xia Jian,He’s also welcome,Drink it。
Xi Zhen looked at Xia Jian and frowned,I don’t know what he is thinking,But he dare not ask。The dragon ball on the side laughed and said:“President Xia!Did you leave Miss Lu for dinner?,Then take it to find Zhao Longlong?“