Li Tianzhi helpless,The soul contract is activated in the divine consciousness,Two great apes roared in agony at the same time,One clutched his head and jumped into the air,Another lifeless running forward,With a bang, the small building that had already collapsed halfway collapsed completely。

Unicorns are also painful,But it can’t break away from Bei Ming’s palm,Roar like thunder,Four hooves collapse,Tremor,Li Tianzhen twisted and wanted to save,It’s too late,The center of the battle group burst out with a bloody light that is difficult to see directly,Then came the extremely hot air waves overwhelming the sky,Quickly enveloping the radius,The last is the terrifying energy shock wave,Sweep all the objects standing nearby like a plow,Including buildings,Life form,No exception。
Beiming’s soul blew himself up,This is the first great god and demon Li Tianzhen has seen blew himself up,Terrifying,Although he reluctantly used the body method,But it was still impacted by a wave of energy that was higher than the wave.。
Li Tianchou finally stabilized his figure and returned to the scene,But found that the sky began to roll,Bei Ming blew himself up and provoke Mortal Life’s will,Although annoying,But he obviously can’t leave right away,Searched quickly,Rescued the four monsters,All seriously injured。
Beiming does not exist anymore,And the unicorn is gone,Obviously it is impossible to survive the distance between the two,The other one missing is the great ape,It’s the one that suddenly jumped to the sky after being stimulated,It’s hard to survive。
Li Tianzhen blames himself,But I really did not expect to be a great god and demon who has been famous for tens of thousands of years,The temper is so violent,I blew myself up,Leave no room,Are the Asuras all this temper??When he guessed the intention,It’s actually too late。
Pan Mang is gone,But Li Tianzhen believes he is alive,When Beiming blew up,Panmang is the farthest away from the center,and,He and Li Tianchou judged that Bei Ming was going to explode almost at the same time,The speed of escape will only be faster,This monster is really cold、Slick。
Recall that eleven monsters were brought out from the town magic tower before and after,Except for the black unicorn who has been healing in the small world,The total number of missing and killed has reached seven,Far more than half,This loss ratio is too big,Li Tianzhen feels that he is definitely not a qualified conductor,Even if you lead a battle on the front battlefield,,This casualty is also unbearable,He actually gave birth to the identity of a god of war,Isn’t it too ironic?
Can’t tolerate Li Tianzhen’s self-pity,Struck by a flash of lightning,Directly hit the big black gun he was holding,The terrifying electric current and energy knocked Li Tianzhen away,He was full of fireworks and smoke,Rolled into the masonry,Fansheng will not be able to curb the urge to attack as soon as he sees Li Tianzhen,Knowing that this foreigner is not hostile to it,But instinctively just can’t control it。
When the second lightning strikes,A big fluffy claw quickly dragged Li Tianzhen’s body into a pit hidden by a half-drawn prefabricated panel。
The dark clouds don’t know when they will disappear,When Li Tianzhi woke up,The sky is getting dark,There is a huge shaggy body next to it,A pair of bulb-like eyes are extremely bright,Has obvious complex emotions and vigilance。
“You saved me?”Li Tianzhi has an impression,This is the liger beast squatting under the space rift,Seems to have suffered serious injuries,The previous huge body shrank to less than one-third,Even so,Still pressed by the prefabricated board,Clinging to the bottom of the pit。
Since the opponent is also a monster,Li Tianzhen communicated with spiritual knowledge,There should be no barriers to understanding,really,Liger understands,Shake your head,Then nodded again。
“Where are you from?”