Just only,Want to dirty less,Don’t be enough,After all, people have a thousand years old,Self-majestic and reputation。

But now North Shaolin“True”,But the Chu Deiren saw a breakthrough!
Then the Chu Deiren rushed back to the inn,Ring Huang Rong’s door,Abstract now although the sky is late,However, Huang Rong should have not slept yet.。
“kindness?What is the tight thing??”Huang Rong saw the Chu Deirers,I also guessed that he might be called what is related to the heroic conference.。
“Unique thing,Go in。”Chu Deirers said to the room,The whisper and Huang Rong have a circular thing。
As for why I know that the circle is Chengkun,Chu Deirens did not mention,Huang Rong didn’t ask。
Huang Rong does not know who Cheng Kun is,After all, it is a matter of Chen Zhima.,Have been too long,Still the Chu Deirers to her popular——Golden Drum Wang Xunxun’s thing,Huang Rong is faint, heard。
“Chu Da Ge is trying to expose a circular identity,Take this at the Hero Conference to attack Shaolin?”Huang Rong understood the meaning of Chu Deirens。
“Not attack,Be exposed!”Chu Deee said。
Huang Rong is only white——She is from the word line,Be able to feel,Although the Chu Deirers do not believe that Qiao Feng is the murderer,But it also doesn’t believe that Shaolin is the murderer.。
For the question of Chu Deirers,Huang Rong stood up,Walk in the room,Afterwards:“Unhappy,According to you,Chengkun’s martial arts、Round rumors,As long as you can force his magic yin,It is enough to prove its identity,But to put this matter,Combined with Qiao Feng’s case……Contact is not enough!”
“What should I do??”Chu Deirers are also a headache.。
Huang Rong didn’t leave at this time.,Smile:“Yes,what should I do?”
Chu Deiren saw Huang Rong like this,I know that she has already had an idea.,But not。
“Then you have to smart Xiao Huang to find a way.!”Chu Deiren gave Huang Rong to the tea,After that, she took her down and asked.:“Need to pinch?”
Huang Rong nose wrinkles:“do not want,Wood sister said,I can’t marry it by you.……And you will not mass,Will only pin pin。”
“never mind,Since you are sincerely asking,Then I will tell you.!If I am a big brother,Now you don’t promote this secret first.,And the messy martial arts,Send to Wudang together……”Huang Rong’s gaze,Single and god。
“Wudang?”Chu Deirers heard a sentence。
“good,The death of Zhang Wujun couple,Isn’t it for Xie Xun and a Dragon??If Chengkun is the beginning of Xie Xun incident,That is not the culprit of Zhang Wu Xia.?Give these two things to Zhang Zhen people,Mud people also have three points of fire。
Even if Zhang Zhen people will not be respectful to participate in what the dog bear meeting,Ten eight can also have one or two‘Seven people’Come to make this lively。
As long as Wudang,That is‘There are Shaolin Gao Yan to kill the disciple.、Guide the rivers and lakes,There is another batch of Shaolin Gaozi,In the hundred-year-old birthday banquet, this is difficult,Forced to die’……
At this time, throw out the head of the big brother may come from Shaolin’s doubt,That is the matter of Wudang with Shaolin that year.,same——‘Priority,Reappear’,Two things will naturally contact together,And also pulled Wudang!”
Huang Rong said his own meaning。
Chu Deirers took this idea for a long time,I found that Huang Rong said not only reason.,and……Calculate every link,I have not done anything bad.、Tell any lie。
Even after the peak is jumped out from the first,No one can say a Chu Deirers“not good”,However, even together,It is possible to point the spear to a goal.——Shaolin!
Chapter 196 A thousand miles
Chu Deirers’ idea for Huang Rong“Amazing”……
“Can you‘Amazing’The expression is collected?It’s too exaggerated.。”Huang Rong slammed the flat mouth。
“But the dog bear meeting is two months later,Want to go to Wudang,I am afraid……”Chu Deiren has accepted Huang Rong’s idea,It is only some difficulties in the implementation of the implementation.。
Put the Shaolin should be back,Tortune,What kind of behavior is this??Everyday is good.!
As for these pots,Will not produce a fit effect?,There is other association,It’s not about the deer.,Not to mention……Let Huang Rong say this,The Chu Deirers feel that there is really in contact.。
Just from Kaifeng to Wudang,Back from Wudang to Henan,Two months……I am afraid that it is not enough.!
If the Chu Deirens have not practiced recently“Dream god”,With its own“Infinite blue”Characteristics,It’s more than enough.,However, now“Dream god”,The internal force is still slightly strong than the body,Fierce、but no“Infinite blue”Effect。