Anhui Provincial Food and Drug Administration held a symposium on the "First Institute of Medical Devices, Second Category, the Second Category of Medical Devices" (Revised Draft)

In order to further revise the "Availability of the Second Category of Medical Devices in Anhui Province" and promote the high quality development of the medical equipment industry. On September 29th, the Symposium on Hefei was held in Hefei.

Provincial Bureau License Registration, Medical Device Production Regulatory, Provincial Review Center, Provincial Food and Drug Inspection and Research Institute, Provincial Medical Device Industry Association and the provincial medical device industry, and the person in charge of the relevant medical equipment production enterprises.

Zhang Lei, member of the Provincial Bureau Party Group, deputy director Zhang Lei attended the meeting and speaking.

At the meeting, the license registration office reported the drafting of the "Priority Approval Measures for the Second Category of Medical Devices in Anhui Province", participating in the revised draft revision and proposing advice and recommendations.

Zhang Lei requested the license registration department to combat, absorb the opinions and suggestions proposed by all units, and then improve the way, further extensively solicited opinions, asking questions, asking the people, making it more attached, more in line with high quality development Requirements, high standard completion methods revised tasks. Source: Anhui Provincial Drug Administration (Editor-in: Ouka, Zhang Lei) sharing more people see.