“I have discussed with his father,This time he came back by himself for help,The condition is naturally to come home,We know you are good friends,he isAThe city gets you a lot of care,There is also a slight improvement in career,This is inseparable from your support,His father and I are very grateful to you。”

Yangliu’s cheeky is only for people who know him well,Although Zhou’s father and Zhou’s mother are Chengyu’s biological parents,,But it was the first time we met after all,So praised,Very sorry。
“Auntie, you are serious,Chengyu is flexible,Hardworking,Also like to study,He has made it by himself today,We did nothing。”
“Good boy,very eloquent,Auntie heard you praise him so much,So happy。”
A mother likes others to praise her son,Strong woman Sun Xiaoqin is no exception,Smiled and looked at my son,Turn the conversation,Tone changed,“But you are right,The mess he is making now,It is indeed his own reason,And made you and Ningning get angry。”
“No no no”
Yangliu didn’t mean that,Mrs. Zhou looks very smart,Why is the ability to understand words so urgent??
“All right,Auntie understand what you mean,Teasing you。We come this time,Really want to take him back,But he doesn’t want to leave you,Refuse to follow us,Especially not worry about you。”
Perennial high position,Few people disobey,Almost ten years,The only one who dare not listen to them,People who made them helplessly give in again and again,Only baby son。
Sun Xiaoqin’s gentle expression became serious,Said it was a discussion,Actually made a decision,“Yiyi,Chengyu is our only child,The son of someone else’s family began to enter the company to learn management,But he stayedAcity,Although I am studying management,Will also go to the branch office,But that’s all on paper,There is still a long way to go,Otherwise, I won’t be so big。Wasted time cannot be repeated,Too much truth is chanting,this time,He must go back with us,As the only heir of Chenyu Group,You can’t steer without real talents。Auntie said,Can you understand?”
Willow nodded,She just said the same thing,This is not considered the same as what a hero sees?
But my friends for so many years really left,She will think。
I usually only find him annoying,Not nagging,It’s controlled,Made her want to hide away,How to leave,See him so pleasing to the eye?