Just after washing the pot, Julan wiped her clothes and walked out of the room,Wang Youcai stepped forward,So he stuffed the food he had called into Julan’s hands。

Julan is a little embarrassed and wants to refuse,But Xu Lihong said coldly:“Take it!Don’t be ignorant。Brother Wang has never been so good to a person,I don’t know why he did this?”
Julan blushed,He hurried back to the house with the plastic bag。Her child is playing with toys alone,The child is getting older,It’s better not to let him know about some things。
Once back in the house,Wang Youcai lay on the bed on all sides。Crying tired,Keep the mouth open,Yawning endlessly,It’s like a big smoker。
“Wang Ge,I know you fierce。But you have to relax,You can’t see a woman, you want it!As the saying goes,There are exhausted cows,Land that hasn’t been ploughed yet,Know you are a cow”Xu Lihong sat next to Wang Youcai,Speak softly。
Wang Youcai stretched out his arm,Hugging Xu Lihong’s fat but not greasy*,Then he laughed:“You guys know a lot,The medicine for me?”
Wang Youcai asked,Xu Lihong quickly stood up,Trot into the kitchen。About a few minutes,She brought a medicine and came over with a hot soup。
Wang Youcai received,I tried the temperature with my mouth,And drank it all in one sip。This is baby,If not for this thing,Wang Youcai may be over in his life。If there is no woman in his life,It’s better to tell him to die。
Anyway, this is his philosophy of life。Nothing in life,Only women can’t。
Wang Youcai drank the medicine,I didn’t forget to lick the edge of the bowl with my tongue,Xu Lihong laughed aside。Let Julan give him medicine today,I didn’t expect a good medicine to be burned。I knew this,He might as well get the prescription back,But everything is too late。
Not long after drinking this medicine,There is a flow of heat in the belly。Wang Youcai walked out of Xu Lihong’s room with a little excitement,Walking around in the yard。
The sun has already set,The entire city is full of lights。The lights in Julan’s room also lit up,But the door is closed,From time to time there are the voices of mother and son。
Xu Lihong also came out,She glanced at Wang Youcai,Whispered:“Some things should be cut off,Keep chaos”
“You better take care of my business,Understand?”When Wang Youcai heard Xu Lihong talk about it again,Can’t help but get irritable。Xu Lihong knows Wang Youcai’s temper,I was so scared that I stuck my tongue out,Dare not speak anymore。
Kung fu in the blink of an eye,The night fell。Wang Youcai estimated,Wu Wu’s call should be coming,Because people who like nightlife,Action has started at this time。
as expected,The phone in my pocket beats,Followed by the sound of music。Wang Youcai took out his phone and took a look,Wu Wu really came here,He calmly pressed the answer button。
“Wang Ge!Chen Feng is really here,But when he comes tonight,Only brought two brothers。What do you say about this?”Wu Wu on the phone asked Wang Youcai for advice。
Wang Youcai said with a cold smile:“How to do?Cool office。Figure out his room number,I’ll be there in a while”Wang Youcai is very domineering when he speaks,Like a boss。