The latest vibrating drainage game is dry goods!

The latest vibrating drainage game is dry goods!

Vibrato is a very magical thing. Children as young as they are, grandfathers who are dozens of years old are playing.

Everyone is willing to share the stories in life, funny, emotional, health, fun places, good-looking scenery.

For the partners who are doing Internet projects, it is natural for everyone to prefer the APP search. It can be said that the vibrato is the largest traffic pool at present, and we certainly can’t let go of such a good place.

Here to summarize the first tricks of several drainage tips: 蹭 Attractions 蹭 hot spots are the most common drainage method, and the most effective drainage method, just like the current IG wins.

In addition, the modern brothers and fans in the street some time ago will have more or less good traffic.

The second trick: the first music is to find interesting music around yourself, is spoof or other, the first to send the music you think may be fire, then others use this music to shoot the same worksIndirectly, in order to make an advertisement, the third trick: originality, no matter which social platform is created, originality is always the best choice.

First of all, from the perspective of the platform, the authors prefer the original, and the corresponding resources will be tilted to these original authors.

The original content will get more recommendations. The fourth measure: prepare to locate and identify your own customer base, and continuously output high-quality content.

Choose a field to be vertical. To put it bluntly, you don’t have anything to do, leaving a label for others. Some say that when you mention Ningge, you know that it is a modern brother.

If we want to divert the sound, we have to work hard on the content. The content is the most important thing to be eye-catching, creative, interesting and in line with the user’s taste.

A good video can get very high exposure.

Our best way is to shoot by ourselves.

Some friends may have questions, I can’t have it, and I don’t have experience. In fact, don’t worry, you can connect other people’s videos to see how others do it.

In the platform where the user has a huge amount of vibrato, we can grab a lot of fans as long as we make it with our heart.

Learn to be a little friend to hurry!