To achieve cost efficiency, the implementation of safe construction

At 10:00 on July 4, built in the Second Board company East Ocean Wuzhou II project manager for the Ministry of Commerce, presided over Juan "to achieve cost efficiency, promote safety construction" meeting and elaborated on how safe construction to achieve cost increase efficiency point of view.

Cost control of construction engineering construction safety, first based on past construction experience data security, the security of construction costs to predict, based on the total construction cost forecast data plan and preparation of the construction safety measures cost plan, as a basis for cost control; and the total cost of the construction plan decomposition, inspection costs and promote the implementation of responsibility in the implementation process, the responsible person should implement dynamic supervision and control of the security situation and the process of construction costs; and finally, the actual cost of construction work accounted for construction safety and planning costs, and on this basis to factor the cost of security measures in the form of the construction process and the impact of changes in the cost analysis, in-depth to reveal the cost of changing the law, an effective way to further reduce costs found.

After the meeting, the project manager Ma Jie said that an important way to maintain long-term competitiveness is the cost efficiency and implementation of cost control and better cost management is the primary means of business to achieve cost efficiency.

Cost control of content range, so it should also focus on ways to achieve diversification.

To well implement cost control and effective to achieve cost efficiency, we should first clear their own lack of cost control, and local conditions to develop a reasonable coping strategies. Benefit is the eternal theme.

Due to long-term construction industry at a lower level of management, thus reducing cost and increasing construction is not unfathomable, as long as the business managers in-depth practical, theory with practice, to absorb new experiences, we will be able to explore more effective this synergistic way down. But construction companies cost efficiency but also a "double-edged sword," do a good job will make the company more competitive, otherwise it will backfire.

Ocean Continental II project will continue to promote the construction of production safety, improving cost efficiency and management, and strive to achieve production efficiency both hands, correct! (Guo Di) (Editor: Wu Di, HAN Qing).