deal! Hefei Heping Primary School will build a new part of the new center in the eastern part

deal! Hefei City Peace Primary School will build a new part in the eastern part.

After the completion of the new school, it will implement a two-part school model, unified principal, unified teaching system, unified course resource, unified teacher training, unified student education, and give full play to the radiation effect of quality education resources, and show vitality education, learn the new image of Yaohai. To build a new growth of Hefei Education. The school is equipped with campus card, electronic class, wisdom classroom, library, recording classroom, computer classroom, gymnasium, art classroom, scientific laboratory, etc. High quality school.

Peace Primary School is located in the northwest side of Guangde Road and the Binhe Road, designing 36 units in designing schools, providing 1620 degrees. At present, the new school project is working on the preliminary work of the location, traffic discovery, pipeline migration and greening migration, laying a solid foundation for the formal construction construction, and is scheduled to be completed in August 2023.

After completion, it will greatly alleviate the pressure of the surrounding student, meet the children’s children in the near future, which is conducive to further optimizing the city’s education resource allocation, and improving the regional value of the new central center in Hefei, gathering popularity.

Original title: set! Hefei Heping Primary School is in the heart of the new center in the eastern part …