Victoria really fell to the point of translating everything,The bald man laughed wildly,Said another bit of bird language to Victoria,Victoria has a big change。

“what did he say?”Chen Xiu asked。
“He said,Angus had four ribs broken by him during the underground black boxing competition before he ran to Xia Guo to take care of the old.!”
Chen Xiu kicked his big feet suddenly,Charge at the bald man with lightning at the most violent speed in this life,Throw two uppercuts!A punch belly,Punch in the face!The bald man flexed his abdomen and bent his arms,Steady block!
These two powers are more than twice as powerful as before,It made his arms hurt!
286 IQ Tax
“Who are they?”
When Victoria is relieved,Chen Xiu asked,Xia’s strict control of firearms,This group of people who dared to shoot at Xia Guo’s place is definitely not an ordinary mob。
“I do not know either。”
I saw Chen Xiu staring at me,Know he doesn’t believe,Victoria quickly explained:“I really do not know。but,It might have something to do with my painting!”
“painting!What painting?”
“A painting handed down by our Alexander family。”Victoria explained:“I had received a threatening letter before I came to Xia Country,Let me paint them。But I thought it was a spoof letter。”
Chen Chen