The basement signal coverage task is over complete

This newspaper (Reporter Xu Guanying) achieves 70,000 elevators, 2500 basement 4G / 5G signal coverage is one of 52 real things in the provincial government this year.

On November 16, the reporter learned from the Provincial Communications Administration that as of the end of September, the province completed 66,481 elevator signal coverage, completion rate reached%; complete 3502 basement signal coverage, completion rate reached%. This people’s livelihood is expected to be completed in advance.

The elevator, the basement wireless signal coverage, the relationship between the communication experience and security, but coverage is large, the cost is high, and there is also a difficulty in public resources, charging, charge, electricity fee, etc. In order to successfully promote this people’s livelihood, the Provincial Communications Authority jointly established a job test, the emergency, market supervision and other departments, and timely coordinate the problem.

The task share is refined to various telecom operators, and the timing progress is decomposed to the quarter, and the responsibility of compaction is ensured. Provincial Communications Administration also organizes expert groups, third-party units, sampling of the provincial elevators, and the basement signal coverage is completed, ensuring that the signal is covered in place.

According to the latest statistics of the Provincial Communications Administration, as of the end of September, Suzhou and Yancheng exceeded the annual elevator signal coverage task, Suzhou completed 12662, which was% of the annual task; Yancheng completed 4642, which was% of the annual task.

In terms of basement signal coverage, 11 sets of districts complete the annual task. Among them, Changzhou, Suzhou actual completion exceeds twice the number of tasks, and the completion rate reaches% and% respectively. The elevator, the wireless signal coverage of the basement will continue to advance.

By 2023, the provincial residential community and the business building have a coverage of 50%. The basement wireless signal coverage is 60%, the transportation hub, large venues, party and government organs, Grade A office buildings, star hotels, Elevators and basements such as shopping malls, large businesses, and basements should be 100% coverage.