What are the characteristics of semen not liquefying? How to prevent semen from liquefying?

What are the characteristics of semen not liquefying? How to prevent semen from liquefying?

Semen does not liquefy is an important disease that has always invaded male infertility. It is highly concerned by many male friends. If you are afraid that semen will not liquefy and endanger human health, you must first do preventive work.

So, what are the characteristics of male semen not liquefied?

What should I do to prevent semen from being liquefied daily?

Characteristics of semen not liquefying 1. The amount of semen is increased slightly, the amount of semen is slightly less, the color is yellow and dense, sexual desire is strong, Yixing is easy to vent, often dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and other symptoms, as well as dry mouth, red tongue and other symptoms occur.
2, semen viscous men’s semen does not liquefy usually cause semen thick, the tobacco leaves will be yellow, sometimes jelly-like, and flaky, lumpy, in the female vaginaAt that time, there will be symptoms of liquefaction delayed, so it causes infertility.

3, patients with genital and abdominal pain or pain in the lower abdomen and genital area, this will bring great inconvenience to life, sometimes it will cause pain when ejaculation, resulting in pain in the whole body, there will be pain when urinatingSometimes it is a bit difficult to urinate.

Teach you how to prevent semen from liquefying?

Semen does not liquefy to do health care work should pay attention to the following points: 1, more exercise.

Studies have shown that male obesity can lead to elevated temperatures in the groin, impairing sperm growth, leading to male infertility.

Therefore, weight control can improve the quality of sperm within the standard range.

2, eat more green vegetables.

Green vegetables contain vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium and other conducive to sperm growth slag to prevent the occurrence of semen abnormalities.

3, relax your mind.

Excessive mental stress also has an impact on sperm growth, so men should relax themselves.

4, regular physical examination.

Pathogen infection is also an important factor in male infertility. It should be frequented by a physician to receive chlamydia and prostate examination.

5, quit smoking and alcohol.

The data show that smoking and drinking are the main factors in the number of sperm and the decline in semen quality.

Old people have more sun exposure to prevent fatal fractures

Old people have more sun exposure to prevent fatal fractures

Li Zurong, deputy chief physician of the Department of Orthopaedics, City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the bone mineral density of the elderly showed a low change in winter, and the trabecular bone became extremely fragile.

Insufficient intake of calcium in the elderly when young people are too young, coupled with factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, drinking, and women’s menopause, lead to the prevalence of osteoporosis in the elderly.

  Therefore, the bones of the elderly with osteoporosis are very fragile, and fractures may occur when a slight external force is applied.

In addition, the old man is bloated, reduced and lowered, and the action is not enough. It is easy to fall or reverse the setback.

“A small number of elderly people have the mentality of acknowledging the old and dissatisfied with the old. Everything has to be done by hands, temperament, numbness in thought, and disapproval of family care and reminders. Many fractures are happening between the defenses.”

  The spine, hip and femur are bones that support the weight of the human body. If these parts break, the body cannot move.

Compared with young adults, the fracture healing period of the elderly takes a long time, and the elderly themselves may have various serious chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Some elderly people simply cannot bear the risks brought by surgery and can only adopt conservative treatment.

  According to research, after the hip fracture in the elderly, the mortality rate is as high as 40%, and the 5-year survival rate is only 20%.

Therefore, the hip fracture is called the “last catastrophe” of the elderly. Some elderly people have a healthy state of health after a hip fracture. They can only stay in bed for a long time and even die within one year.

  ”Fractures can be fatal to the elderly!

However, the redundant person thinks that it is an ordinary thing for an old person to fracture, so he did not know it.

This is very dangerous.

Li Zurong said.

  ■ Warm reminder for the elderly to prevent fractures 1.

Wear soft and comfortable, like cold underwear, down and other warmth, local soft and soft clothing is a good choice, avoid wearing heavy and bloated clothes to increase the volume of action.


Don’t always cat at home, always go to the outdoors for moderate exercise. More sun and exercise are a good way to supplement calcium. Warm sun can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, relieve calcium loss and strengthen bone.


Pay attention to the safety of the ground when walking, install handrails in the bathroom, use anti-skid devices on the floor; use canes when going out, do not go out in case of rain or snow, reduce the risk of falling.


The flavor of tobacco and alcohol affects the absorption of calcium. It should be less smoking, less alcohol, more dairy products, soy products and other calcium-containing foods, and balanced diet to delay the aging process.


Once the old man falls, the family should check whether there is any damage. If pain is found, the swelling is obvious, and the joint is deformed, the hospital should be promptly examined and treated.

Can chrysanthemum tea be soaked with red dates?

Health effect or double, try it

Can chrysanthemum tea be soaked with red dates?
Health effect or double, try it

There are many types and combinations of drinks in life, and the effects of certain drinks on the body will vary from person to person.

Therefore, in the daily beverage selection process, it is possible to select a beverage that has been made entirely of whole products, or a beverage that is soaked by related medicinal materials or even flowers.

Chrysanthemum tea has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire. It usually adjusts the body state by means of effective soaking in the life or work leisure.

So can chrysanthemum tea be soaked with red dates?

During the soaking process, chrysanthemum tea can be combined with sputum, red dates and other things, so that the taste of the drink becomes more delicate, and the effect can be maximized.

However, the physical quality of each person is different. The details of the matching of chrysanthemum tea will certainly vary from person to person. It is not the chrysanthemum tea that must be matched with the red date.

Everyone can choose the red dates, roses, honey, hawthorn, cassia seed, scorpion, etc. according to the characteristics of the individual’s physique after selecting chrysanthemum tea.

While the body can clear away heat and detoxification, it can also achieve other health effects.

Therefore, in the process of matching chrysanthemum tea, if you choose to soak the red dates together, you can indeed achieve the relevant health care effects.

Under normal circumstances, the chrysanthemum tea and the red dates are paired with fluoroscopy and then, it can not only clear the liver and improve eyesight, clear heat and reduce fire, but also have beneficial blood.

This combination is more suitable for women, and some women with postpartum qi and blood are more suitable.

Of course, when everyone wants to play a different health care function, the adjustments for related collocations will certainly vary from person to person.

So we need to understand a few more common combinations, and more effectively understand what their effectiveness is.

Usually chrysanthemum tea is paired with honey to help with bowel movements.

Chrysanthemum tea is matched with hawthorn to promote digestion and achieve consumption.

Chrysanthemum tea can be used to clear the liver and improve the kidneys.

The chrysanthemum tea is matched with the rose, which can clear the heat and reduce the fire and effectively beauty and beauty.

Anyway, chrysanthemum tea can be soaked and combined with red dates, and can also be matched with Cassia, honey, hawthorn, scorpion and other things.

When the individual’s physique is different, in the process of choosing chrysanthemum tea, the collocation component can be adjusted according to the difference in physique, so that the physical adjustment can be exerted and the final health care effect can be obtained.

However, depending on the effect of the combination, it will directly affect the physical changes, so you must pay attention to the replacement and allow frequency when matching, in order to avoid excessive impact on the body.

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4 good habits for women to get rid of their intestines

4 good habits for women to get rid of their intestines

Do you have any troubles about your little belly?

The so-called graceful body curve is composed of a chest, a hip, and a thin waist.

Even if I am determined to make 30 rounds of abdominal muscle training every day, there is a certain achievement, but this is also a training that is difficult to last for a long time.

  Old Chinese medicine introduces four daily habits to help you easily improve your headache!


Correct posture poses to help you adjust your stomach, hips, and muscles inside your body.

The slanting posture is enough to cause excess excess meat on your stomach and make you slowly become fat.

  In order to have a perfect body, I hope that everyone will carry out the necessary pelvic correction and posture correction and training.

Maintaining a correct and graceful posture will cause you to quickly remove excess meat from your stomach, and the muscles under your stomach will have a previously biased state of movement and exercise more evenly.

  In order to make the posture more beautiful, here is a small coup to put a book on the head, and walk straight in the case of ensuring that it does not fall, this will be very effective.


Reducing stress and pressure is one of the culprit to prevent the increase of excess meat in the stomach.

The body releases a hormone called cortisol due to stress.

This hormone causes the aunt to accumulate in the body.

  The way to get rid of excess meat on your stomach at home without paying for it is to pay attention to breathing.

It is not repeated that the daily self does not have the consciousness to breathe simply, but to breathe hard and breathe out the abdominal breathing.

This method can completely remove the excess aunt on the stomach, and indirectly can train the muscles.


Keeping adequate sleep In addition to excessive stress, lack of sleep can lead to excess aunts in the abdomen.

If you don’t have a good night’s sleep, it will have a very bad effect on your body.

Of course, too much or too little sleep time is very bad for the body.

  Especially regarding the lunch break, the key is to have two points in a regular and short time, and the taboo is too long.

In the same way, you must schedule your time at regular intervals and arrange your own sleep time regularly.


Reducing Alcohol Intake The increase in alcohol content in alcohol is incorporated into the body, causing excessive meat production in the body.

Do those who drink too much drink feel that it is difficult to lose excess meat on their stomach?

So control the amount of alcohol and drink plenty of water, which will drain the harmful substances in the body and rejuvenate the cells and muscles.

  Strengthening exercise is important, but you can completely erase the excess meat on your stomach by starting from the bit by bit in your life.

So hurry up!

Quick walk can be thin and healthy

Quick walk can be thin and healthy

According to Harvard University research, exercise for 1 hour can extend the healthy life span of 2 hours. As long as you accumulate more than 5,000 steps per day, you can help you lose weight and build health.

According to Harvard University research, the amount and intensity of physical activity prevention and prevention of health care does not need to be intense. Just use scattered time activities to accumulate appropriate physical activity.

  For example: use the scattered time activities, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and accumulate 2000 kcal per week.

Using the continuous consumption of energy such as leisure, walking, climbing stairs, etc., can reduce the total mortality rate by 43%, the risk of cancer by 32%, and the incidence of depression can also be reduced, that is, exercise for 1 hour, can be extended 2Hours of life.

Remind everyone to remember the principle of less sitting, more standing, more walking, climbing stairs, etc., at least five days a week, more than 30 minutes a day, systemic, similar to aerobic activities, can effectively prevent chronic diseases, maintain health, no needToo strong to strive for physical exercise beyond time and energy.

  People who do not have regular exercise habits can start by walking, brisk walking, gardening, walking the dog, washing the car, laborious family affairs, etc. In addition to exercising to the feet, they can also take care of the muscles of the whole body, reminding them to sit less, multi-station, and often move around.Every Friday, at least 30 minutes a day, can prevent chronic diseases to maintain health.

  Walking is the most convenient way to exercise. It is recommended to walk at a speed of about 100-120 steps per minute according to the state of physical fitness, to achieve micro-asthmatic, only to talk to the point (heartbeat about 120 / min), as long as 30 per dayPoints, or use 3 of the day.

5 minutes of space, 5,000 steps per day, can make the original inactive, obese middle-aged people, the average weight of 2 kg, waist circumference reduced by 3 cm, after 2-3 months can be significantly improved.

Definition of obesity

Definition of obesity

From a medical point of view, obesity refers to an excessive increase in body fat and causes serious harm to health.
I think obesity is a disease, not just a symptom, so here we call it “obesity.”
The normal human body has about 300 to 35 billion fat cells, and when the number and volume of fat cells increase, it forms obesity.
As the body weight increases, the volume of fat cells first increases, and then the number begins to increase.
It is not generally believed that only the increase in cell volume.
  The current diagnosis of obesity mostly uses the body mass index (BMI) method, and the body mass index is a relatively accurate and widely accepted and accepted diagnostic method.
On the homepage of the site, you can enter your weight (kg) and height (m), then click “Calculate”, the system will display your body mass index and give a diagnosis.
  The relationship between “body mass index” and “health risk” is listed below. The diagnostic criteria for obesity in China is a body mass index greater than 25.
The World Health Organization’s standard is that a BMI greater than 25 is overweight and greater than 30 is obese.
The ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference (WHR) should also be considered when diagnosing obesity. WHR is greater than 0.
9 is not good for health.
Body mass index health risk 18.
5-25 general 25-
<30开始增高30-<35较高35-<40很高>40 high

Dry in autumn and winter, want the skin to be tender and tender?

This yin hydrating tea should have learned it!

Dry in autumn and winter, want the skin to be tender and tender?
This yin hydrating tea should have learned it!

In autumn and winter, dryness is everywhere, and hydrating is a critical issue.
You may have used a variety of hydrating methods: drinking water; applying moisturizing skin care products; using humidifiers and sprayers.
In fact, these are not awkward. It is really true to improve the body’s own “water retention”. This is something that someone really thought about, that is Chinese medicine!
Chinese medicine believes that the three organs that are most closely related to the metabolism of the body’s water are the lungs, spleen and kidneys.
Among them, the spleen is mainly responsible for reducing excess water, that is, dampness; while the lungs and kidneys are closely related to the hydration of the skin and the water retention capacity of the body.
The advanced hydration method is more advanced than ordinary hydration, because it can alleviate the “thirst” of various organs of the body.
For example, the mouth is thirsty, nourishing yin can produce fluid; skin is thirsty, nourishing yin can moisturize; intestinal thirst, nourishing Yin can moisten the intestines.
Therefore, a person with sufficient yin liquid, from the outside, is delicate, moist, delicate, even in the air-dry autumn and winter seasons, the skin can show a sleek state, instead of scales, dandruff flying.
Chinese medicine says that women are yin and men are yang. It is not necessarily that women have more water in their bodies than men, but women’s “water retention” is better than men’s.
The meaning of nourishing yin is much wider than that of hydrating. This is a calming, vipassuous, stable and peaceful force.
Recommended: Ziyin lock water tea stone 斛 5 grams, 5 grams of medlar, 10 grams of figs, 5 grams of jaundice.
One dose per day, one time of frying, three doses per week, for three days.
Add about 1000 ml of water each time and substitute tea.
Jun medicine stone sputum, medicinal scorpion are all into the kidney, deep hydration, adjuvant figs, make medicine jaundice into the lungs, nourish the skin.
In addition to jaundice, this side has the effect of nourishing, nourishing yin and hydrating.
What is the role of Huang Qi?
The medicine is ascending and balancing the cold and heat – so it is a “medicine”, commonly known as a medicine primer.
The head is in the upper part of the human body, so this side is the most effective for the drying of the face.
Decoction method: 1.
Health pot cooking method: the whole party into the health pot, according to the flower tea function key, automatic boiling to the heat preservation function.

Home cooking method: open fire on open fire, simmer for 15 minutes on low heat.
Tips: 1.
It is suitable for dry skin, dry throat and dry cough caused by yin deficiency and water shortage. It is not suitable for patients with acute illness such as cold and diarrhea, and it is not suitable for dry mouth and tongue caused by overeating and indigestion.
2. If the fig is whole grain, it can be cut or cut into two mouths, the tea tastes sweeter and the effect is better.

The days of dysmenorrhea are really too difficult!

The days of dysmenorrhea are really too difficult!

You never know how sad I am. I can’t eat anything. I have a lot of sadness. Once I come to my aunt, I will be reborn. The woman who is like a man can also be tortured by dysmenorrhea. How can I do dysmenorrhea? What is dysmenorrhea?Women have pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, and even pain and lumbosacralness during and after menstruation.

Every time with the menstrual cycle, severe cases can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, cold sweats, cold hands and feet, and even fainting, affecting work and life.

Causes of dysmenorrhea cause many causes of dysmenorrhea, the following are common: (1) the cervical canal is mainly blocked by menstrual flow, causing dysmenorrhea.

(2) uterine dysplasia uterine poor development is easy to merge with abnormal blood supply, resulting in uterine volume, lack of oxygen and cause dysmenorrhea.

(3) Abnormal uterus position If the uterus position of the woman is extremely flexed or flexed, it may affect the menstrual bleeding and cause dysmenorrhea.

(4) Mental stress, neurological factors Some women are overly sensitive to pain.

(5) Genetic factors The occurrence of dysmenorrhea in the daughter has a certain relationship with the mother’s dysmenorrhea.

(6) Endocrine factors Menstrual period abdominal pain is associated with elevated progesterone in the luteal phase.

(7) The uterus does not contract properly.

Patients with dysmenorrhea often have abnormal contractions of the uterus, which often leads to contraction of uterine smooth muscle. The expansion of uterine muscle can cause displacement of the uterine muscles, resulting in pain and dysmenorrhea.

(8) gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, etc.

Placement of the IUD in the uterus (commonly known as the birth control ring) can also cause dysmenorrhea.

(9) Girls’ first menarche, psychological pressure, sedentary lead to poor blood circulation, poor blood circulation, love to eat cold foods and other causes of dysmenorrhea.

(10) Menstrual hypertension exercise, affected by wind, cold, dampness, etc., are easy to cause dysmenorrhea.

(11) The air is not well irritated by certain industrial or chemical odors, and some gasoline, fragrant water, etc. cause dysmenorrhea.

How to regulate dysmenorrhea of different constitutions? 1 yang deficiency and yang deficiency, muscles are not strong, when the hands and feet are cold, stomach cramps, back or waist and knees are cold, clothes are more than others, summer does not like to blow air conditioning, likeQuiet, eating or drinking cold things will always feel uncomfortable, easy to loose stools, urine color is clear and much.

The character is more calm and introverted.

Menstrual lower abdomen faint cold pain, or lower abdomen and genital uterus, magpie press, less menstrual flow, color is lighter.

Usually eat more beef, lamb, leeks, ginger and other products of warming Yang, eat less pears, watermelon, glutinous rice and other cold and cold food, drink less green tea.

2 blood cold blood cold human performance: pale tongue, thin white fur, tight pulse or late, weak, pale complexion, plain chills, hands and feet not warm, hot diet; urination is long, thin stool; menstrual usuallyAll are late, the menstrual period will last for more than seven days, the blood dark red, the amount is small, will be mixed with blood clots like pig liver color; premenstrual or menstrual cold belly pain, there is a feeling of cold, the hand can not press, the more you pressPain, it will feel comfortable to keep warm with hot water bottles.

Usually you can use warm and cold, Tongmai nourishing drugs, such as Ai Ye, ginger, angelica, cinnamon, Chuanxiong, rehmannia, medlar, licorice, Eucommia and so on.

3 blood sputum blood sputum performance: dark complexion, dark lips, subcutaneous veins purple.

The skin is rough, and sometimes the skin bruises appear unconsciously.

There are a lot of red silk in the eyes, and the gums are easy to bleed when brushing your teeth.

Easy to get irritated, forgetful, and temperamental.

Pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation, do not like to press, dark blood, blood clots.

Usually you can eat more hawthorn, vinegar, rose, kumquat and other foods that have activating blood, dispersing, qi, soothing liver and relieving depression, eating less fat and so on.

Dysmenorrhea diet treatment can dysmenorrhea only drink hot water?

Of course not!

Dysmenorrhea is generally caused by poor blood circulation or qi and blood deficiency, and diet therapy can play a better role.

Ginger jujube brown sugar dried ginger, jujube, brown sugar each 30 grams.

Wash the first two flavors, dry ginger slices, jujube to the core, add brown sugar to fry.

Drink soup and eat jujube.

It has the effect of warming and dispelling cold.

Suitable for cold dysmenorrhea and chloasma.

Ginger Ai ren porridge dried ginger, Ai Ye each 10 grams, 30 grams of coix seed.

Decoction the first two flavors of water, the porridge of the coix seed to eight mature, and cook until cooked.

It has the functions of warming, phlegm, dispelling cold, dehumidifying and moisturizing.Suitable for cold and damp dysmenorrhea.

Hawthorn Guizhi brown sugar soup hawthorn meat 15 grams, 5 grams of cassia twig, brown sugar 30?
50 grams.

Put the hawthorn meat and cassia twig into the corrugated pot, add 2 bowls of clear water, and fry the remaining bowl with simmer, add brown sugar, mix thoroughly, and boil.

It has Wenjing Tongmai, which has the effect of relieving phlegm and relieving pain.

Applicable to women with cold dysmenorrhea and faceless people.

Red wine stewed apples (400 grams) were peeled and cut into crescents with a knife.

Put the apples in the milk pot, pour the red wine into the apples, simmer for 15 minutes on medium heat, and simmer the apples in red wine for two hours.

It also has a curative effect on stomach pain in women’s physiological period.

In addition, red wine is also a beauty product.

Black bean jujube soup black bean 100g, jujube 50g, brown sugar 20g.

Add black beans, jujube and water to the amount, boiled into porridge, add brown sugar to serve, for 1 dose.

Take 3 days before the menstrual cramps, 1 dose per day, and even take 10 doses for a course of treatment.

Replenishing qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstruation and relieving pain.

Two meters of porridge dried ginger 50 grams, millet, corn 200 grams each.

Slice the dried ginger for use, then wash the millet and corn into the pot, add the appropriate amount of water, add the ginger slices after boiling, and cook until the corn is flowered.

Warm and cold, warm and painful.

Old Chinese Medicine[Brown Sugar Ginger Tea]The ancient Chinese medicine brown sugar ginger tea formula gradually passed down the ancient medical book, through the selection of raw materials, scientific ratio, using low-temperature dry pulverization process, the soup is concentrated into a uniform whole grain, a bubbleDrink, suitable for long-term air-conditioned people, physique is cold, women with dysmenorrhea suffer.

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Grandpa stewed chicken soup with the addition of Polygonum, Grandma felt strange, Grandpa’s answer to the thief standard!

Grandpa stewed chicken soup with the addition of Polygonum, Grandma felt strange, Grandpa’s answer to the thief standard!

When people get to know their health in their later years, they can live a good life for many years, so many people are officially opening the way to health in their later years.

When talking about health care, we must not be able to circumvent traditional Chinese medicine, and we must be inseparable from dietetic health!

Grandpa and Grandma are with them for a lifetime. No one day is not “bringing”. Our juniors are also used to the performance of these “little couples” of grandparents!


Since the retirement of his grandparents, Grandpa has gradually become interested in Chinese medicine. He feels that if he wants to maintain his health, he chooses the best way to treat his diet. Therefore, a person who never used to go to the kitchen has started to turn up in the kitchen.Seeing that my grandfather is old, if you have the strength to learn, you can do everything well. In this way, after Grandpa gradually gets started, the grandfather of three meals a day is contracted.

Grandpa likes to learn the health knowledge he has learned. Since Grandpa contracted the kitchen, Grandpa added some “Taste of Chinese Medicine” to the dishes I ordered every day.

Like Gan Ping’s cockroaches and kidney sesame black sesame seeds, the color taste is still quite good, so Grandma also gave his grandfather a praise, Grandpa is very happy.

So Grandpa continued to contract the kitchen.

But one day, when Grandpa was cooking chicken soup, he put a bitter taste of Polygonum in the pot. This thing was very easy to see by the grandmother.

Because the chicken soup stewed by the grandmother has always been put in the pot, it is the blood of the kidney, which can improve the looseness of the teeth, the whiteness of the hair, the insomnia, the dizziness and other symptoms, and the taste is sweet and flat.The ratio and the taste of the whole pot of soup are good.

However, after Grandma tried the soup taste of the bitter and sweet Polygonum in the pot, I felt that it was better, so Grandma asked Grandpa: You urchin, don’t rub your eyes and save your ears, putWhat is the meaning of Shouwu?

Grandpa didn’t talk to her grandmother this time. Grandpa said: He Shouwu Yanshou, my old urchin is always old, but I want to live with you for a few more years!

Moreover, your stool in the past six months is not always dry and dry?

Polygonum multiflorum is suitable for people who are old and physically weak, and has blood deficiency and constipation. It does not have this function, so this time, it is better to choose Heshouwu than to choose.

Grandpa said this is the “thief standard”, we are admired!

In fact, Grandpa had no time and income to replace Grandma’s work before he retired, so Grandma was always taking care of Grandpa.

After retirement, from the kitchen to the contracting kitchen, Grandpa is already planning to give Grandma the most long-lasting confession (companion)!

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Happy embellishment of life

Happy embellishment of life

In your spare time, sit on the reef and look at the vast sea of smoke.

Walking on the beat of the waves, my heart jumped through the sun on the waves.

The hustle and bustle of the dust, the confusing of personnel, are like the smoke of the world, no longer leaving some traces. The feeling at this time is far from being able to enjoy the big prison, Dengchuntai!

  A happy and comfortable mood, of course, does not have to be “eastern meteorite” to get.

Any thoughts and practices that are true, good, and beautiful, such as fulfilling their duties, self-discipline, respecting the elderly, caring for the widows, being kind to others, helping others, helping the poor, and the beauty of adults, can make us feel like a spring breeze, a high spirit, and a vigorous spirit.

  Sensory stimuli, such as beauty, delicious, beautiful words and caress, etc., can certainly be happy, but this happiness is short-lived, leading to the disappearance of stimuli, and will soon fade.

Only spiritual satisfaction, such as honor, honor, friendship, love, accomplishment of tasks, achievement of goals, etc., can bring spiritual freedom.

This kind of happiness will inspire us for a long time, renew the potential enthusiasm, inspire the courageous wings, and climb to the new height.

  Evil people also have happy times, but their happiness must make the good people suffer.

Therefore, they are always worried about the punishment of justice, psychologically carrying a heavy burden, and not being free from spiritual freedom.

Therefore, their happiness is also shrouded in invisible shadows, smuggling and self-satisfaction, and the enthusiasm of normal people is not the same.

  People in the world, although the rich and the poor and some of them have different levels, education and beliefs vary widely, life and attitudes are different, and situations and occupations have advantages and disadvantages, but the standards of truth, goodness, beauty, and ugliness, no matter what kind of person,In the depths of their souls, they are roughly the same.

Therefore, doing unethical things, such as ill-treatment of the elderly, betrayal of relatives and friends, arrogance, bullying, extortion, hate of revenge, violation of law and discipline, and power for personal gain, will produce self-blame, shame, fear and anguish to varying degrees, thus long-termFeeling depressed and depressed, so that it is weak.

Modern medicine proves that this kind of emotion will lead to cancer, cardiovascular and mental disorders, so as the saying goes, it causes ill-fated things and has its own life limit to pay off!

  Exclude evil emotions in the heart, stay away from worldly snobbish disputes, live according to rational principles, and follow moral justice. Even if we live the most simple life, we don’t know what a luxury feast, nor have we entered the karaoke ballroom, butOur hearts are balanced, our souls are quiet, our laughter, and we are full of innocence and purity.

If we are able to fully enjoy this kind of life while working diligently, and easily appreciate the joy that life has given us, what else are we not satisfied with?

The joy of life is nothing more than this!

  Happiness is dotted with life, just like the flowers that open in the four seasons, making the earth full of bright and vibrant.

The earth cannot be without flowers, and we cannot be without happiness in our hearts.

Otherwise, life will become boring and work will lose its enthusiasm.

It is terrible that people who have struggled for a long time and can’t enjoy happiness often overcome life and lose confidence and close despair.

  Therefore, a person’s life and lifestyle play a vital role in work and health. Success and longevity always favor those who are upright and kind.

If you want to achieve something and live a happy life, and be open-minded, you must first strive to make yourself a morally educated person, a person with good character, a person with rich mind, a person who is good for others.In order to effectively prevent them from making people nervous and nervous, and to fully enjoy the fun of work and life itself, in any case to maintain a kind of “professional wind, the moon, the flooding, the songs”The state of mind, Tao Taoran music in it, not too fast!